Foundations, The

Band members               Related acts

- Eric Allendale - trombone (1967-70)

- Steve Bingham - bass, vocals (1970)

- Patrick Burke - sax (1967-70)

- Clem Curtis - vocals (1967-68)

- Mike Elliot - sax (1967-68)

- Tony Gomez - keyboards (1967-70)

- Timothy Harris - drums (1967-70)

- Peter MacBeth - bass (1967-70)

- Alan Warner - lead guitar, vocals (1967-70)

- Colin Young - vocals (replaced Mike Elliot) (1968-70)



- Clem Curtis (solo efforts)

- Pluto (Alan Warner)





Genre: soul

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Digging the Foundations

Company: Uni

Catalog: C

Year: 1968

Country/State: London, England

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: gatefold sleeve

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4604

Price: $8.00

Cost: $66.00


I guess I'm alone in my affection for this talented, if largely forgotten UK band. 


Formed in London in early 1967, the original lineup consisted of trombone player Eric Allendale, sax player Patrick Burke, singer Mike Elliot, keyboardist Tony Gomez, drummer Timothy Harris, bass player Peter MacBeth and lead guitarist Alan Warner.  Named after the basement rehearsal space the played in, The Foundations gave new meaning to the term international.  The original line up featured members from five countries (Barbados, the Dominion Republic, England, Jamaica and Sri Lanka), representing three continents.  


Paying their dues on London's club circuit, the band eventually attracted a mentor in the form of record dealer Barry Class who used his business connections to interest producer/songwriter Tony Macaulay in the band.   


Produced by Macauley and John Macleod, 1968's "Digging the Foundations" introduced new lead vocalist Colin Young.  Once again Macaulay and Mcleod were responsible for the majority of the band's material, but this time around the individual band members were given an opportunity to showcase original material with Allendale, Burke, Gomez, McBeth, Warner and Young all contributing material.  Musically the personnel shake up did little to tamper with the group's patented sound.  Young's voice proved a near perfect match for their blend of soul and pop. The single 'In the Bad, Bad Old Day (Before You Loved Me)' b/w 'Give Me Love' (Uni catalog number 55117) provided the band with another top-40 hit. Unfortunately, elsewhere the results weren't nearly as good.  In small doses nothing here was really bad, but by the same token the group seemed to have lost much of the freshness and enthusiasm found on earlier outings.  Uni also tapped 'My Little Chickadee' b/w 'Soloman Grundy' (Uni catalog number 55137) as a follow on single.


"Digging the Foundations" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) In the Bad, Bad Old Day   (Tony Macaulay - John Macleod) - 3:24

2.) Waiting On the Shores of Nowhere   (R. Saker - J. WInsley) - 3:07

3.) My Little Chickadee   (Tony Macaulay - John Macleod) - 2:57

4.) Take Away the Emptiness Too   (Tony Macaulay - John Macleod) - 2:58

5.) Till the Night Brought Day   (Alan Warner - Peter McBeth - Tony Gomez) - 3:10

6.) I Can Feel It   (Eric Allendale) - 3:40


(side 2)
1.) It's the Same Old Feeling   (Tony Macaulay - John Macleod) - 3:08

2.) A Penny, Sir   (Colin Young) - 3:12

3.) A Walk Through the Trees  (Pat Burke) - 3:38

4.) Let the Heartaches Begin   (Tony Macaulay - John Macleod) - 2:55

5.) Soloman Grundy   (Eric Allendale) - 4:07





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