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  line up 1 (1976)

Freddy Toscano -- vocals, guitar, keyboards
- Tom Prezioso -- lead guitar, backing vocals
- Conway McMahon -- bass, backing vocals
- John Paruolo -- percussion



Mr. Flood's Party





Genre: rock

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Frogs for Everybody

Company: Lily Pad Records

Catalog: LP-68

Year: 1976

Country/State: Valley Stream, New York

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: --

Available: 1

Catalog ID: 4900

Price: $200.00



Singer/guitarist Freddy Toscano's probably best known as a member of the Long Island based Mr. Flood's Party.  Unfortunately personality conflicts and disagreements over musical direction between Toscano and fellow band members Mike Corbett and Jay Hirsh quickly spelled the end of Mr. Flood.  The latter quickly reappeared with a strong album on ATCO while Toscano eventually reappeared with a rare and high priced vanity project.


By the mid-1970s Toscano was living in Valley Stream, New York.  He began auditioning local talent for a band, eventually settling on singer/guitarist Tom Prezioso (who had actually worked with Mr. Flood's Party), bassist Conway McMahon and percussionist John Paruolo.   The quartet began writing material and rehearsing in Toscano's sister and brother-in-law's basement, eventually hitting the local club circuit.  Comfortable with their repetoire, in 1976 the group decided to record a self-finance album at Master Sound in Franklin Square.  Self-produced and released on their own Lily Pad imprint, "Frogs for Everybody" was a rather low-keyed and surprisingly charming set.  To be perfectly honest anyone expecting to hear Mr. Flood, Part 2  was probably disappointed by the collection.  On the other hand, almost all of the dozen songs were quite tuneful and commercial, though widely diverse in musical styles.  With Toscano responsible for most of the material, the opener 'For Everybody' offered up a nifty slice of folk-rock. 'Drivin' On' mixed a rock base with some great jazzy leads from Prezioso. 'Floatin'' and 'Crashin'' were pretty if unoriginal acoustic ballads.  Personal favorites included the goofy 'Been So Long' and the bar rocker 'Shakey Dave McCoy'.  My only real complaints are the absence of one true killer track and the fact that my copy of the album has a somewhat flat, thin and tinny sound.  


"Frogs for Everybody" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) For Everybody   (Freddy Toscano) - 3:25

2.) Drivin' On   (Freddy Toscano) - 3:55

3.) Floatin'   (Freddy Toscano) - 2:35

4.) Dreamin'   (Freddy Toscano) - 2:25

5.) Crashin'   (Freddy Toscano) - 3:45

6.) Been So Long   (Freddy Toscano - Conway McMahon) - 3:45


(side 2)
1.) Shakey Dave McCoy   (Freddy Toscano - D. Coccari) - 3:32

2.) Do You Ride   (Freddy Toscano) - 3:00

3.) Haunted House   (Freddy Toscano) - 4:10

4.) The Real Me   (Freddy Toscano - G. Roberto) - 2:43

5.) Melody Man   (Freddy Toscano) - 3:50

6.) Let the Music Begin   (Freddy Toscano) - 3:37


The band continued to perform, but their lack of success eventually led to a breakup.  According to Tom Prezioso's website Toscano is still an active musician (as is Prezioso).  McMahon is a fireman but still dabbles in music, while Paruolo is completely out of the business. 


I've never heard it, but there's a second Frogs album.  Released by the band it combines some of the studio album material with live tracks recorded right before the band called it quits.  The CD is available through Prezioso's website: