Geesin, Ron (and Roger Waters)

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- Ron Geesin - synthesizer, banjo, keyboards, vocals

- Roger Waters - bass, guitar, drums, vocals




- Ron Geesin (solo efforts)

- Pink Floyd

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Genre: progressive

Rating: ** (2 stars)

Title:  Music from The Body

Company: Harvest

Catalog: SHSP 4008

Year: 1970

Country/State: UK

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: UK pressing

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4

Price: $20.00

Cost: $1.00


This one might even be of modest interest to Pink Floyd and Roger Waters fans since it's rather obscure.  


In 1970 English producer Tony Garnett decided to adapt Anthony Smith's book "The Body" to the screen.  Interested in commissioning a soundtrack, Garnett asked BBC DJ John Peel for some recommendations.  Peel promptly suggested avante-garde composer Ron Geesin.  Geesin readily agreed to the project, but told the soundtrack needed to include a mixture of instrumentals and lyrical pieces, he approached buddy Roger Waters for assistance.  In spite of a hectic schedule with Pink Floyd, Waters agreed to participate.  With Pink Floyd's label Harvest Records agreeing to finance the project, separately the duo spent several months pulling together material.  In an interesting move, the two decided to produce each others material.


As you'd expect, 1970's "Music from the Body" is a concept piece.  Never having seen the parent film, we're guessing here, but the plotline apparently has something to do with the effects of music on the human body.  Geesin and Rogers certainly used their creative freedom to experiment; the album including a wide array of tape recordings of body sounds (Waters grinding his teeth, throat noises, bathroom sounds, etc.).  While the aural experiments are occasionally interesting (particularly when heard with headphones and after ingesting a couple of beers), the real charmers are Waters' acoustic ballads such as "Sea Shell and Stone", "Chain of Life" and "Breathe" (not to be confused with the track on "Dark Side of the Moon").  Elsewhere, while it wasn't credited as such, the final track "Give Birth To a  Smile" was actually a Pink Floyd effort.  Great cover art ...


"Music from the Body" track listing:

(side 1)

1.) Our Song (instrumental)   (Roger Waters - Ron Geesin)

2.) Sea Shell and Stone   (Roger Waters)

3.) Red Stuff Writhe (instrumental)   (Ron Geesin)

4.) A Gentle Breeze Blew Through Life (instrumental)   (Ron Geesin)

5.) Lick Your Partners (instrumental)   (Ron Geesin)

6.) Bridge Passage For Three Plastic Teeth  (instrumental)  (Ron Geesin)

7.) Chain of Life   (Roger Waters)

8.) The Womb Bit  (instrumental)  (Roger Waters - Ron Geesin)

9.) Embryo Thought (instrumental)   (Ron Geesin)

10.) March Past Of The Embryos (instrumental)   (Ron Geesin)

11.) More Than Seven Dwarfs In Penis-Land (instrumental)   (Ron Geesin)

12.) Dance Of The Red Corpuscles (instrumental)   (Ron Geesin)


(side 2)

1.) Body Transport (instrumental)   (Roger Waters - Ron Geesin)

2.) Hand Dance Full Evening Dress (instrumental)   (Ron Geesin)

3.) Breathe  (Roger Waters)

4.) Old Folks Ascensions (instrumental)   (Ron Geesin)

5.) Bedtime-Dream-Clime  (instrumental)  (Ron Geesin)

6.) Piddle in Perspex  (instrumental)  (Ron Geesin)

7.) Embryonic Womb-Walk  (instrumental)  (Ron Geesin)

8.) Mrs. Throat Goes Walking  (instrumental)  (Ron Geesin)

9.) Sea Shell And Soft Stone (Roger Waters - Ron Geesin)

10.) Give Birth To a Smile   (Roger Waters)



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