Gibb, Robin

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- Robin Gibb - vocals, guitar, keyboards, drums

- Maurice Gibb - keyboards, bass



The Bee Gees




Genre: pop

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Robin's Reign

Company: ATCO

Catalog: SD 33-323

Year: 1970

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: minor ring wear; small bullet hole top right corner

Available: 2

GEMM catalog ID: 4146

Price: $50.00

Cost: $30.00


By the late 1960s The Bee Gees had become worldwide superstars, but were beginning to come apart at the seams.  The trappings of fame (including substance abuse) led to infighting among the Gibb brothers.  It all came to a head in 1969 when the Robin Gibb composition 'Lamplight' was relegated to the "B" side of The Bee Gees' single 'First of May' (ATCO catalog number 45-6657).  Furious at what he saw as a personal slight, in March 1969 Robin tendered his notice.  (Interestingly, at least to my ears, Robin's song was far stronger than Barry's 'First of May'.)


Still under contract to ATCO (Polydor owning distribution rights outside of the US), Robin's first solo effort was the single 'Saved By the Bell' b/w 'Mother and Jack' (ATCO catalog number 45-6698).  Technically it wasn't a Robin solo effort since the basic tracks were apparently recorded with brother Maurice prior to Robin's official departure from the band.   Still, it was released as a Robin solo effort and while the single did little in the States it sold well in Europe, leading ATCO to finance a follow-on album.   


Co-produced by Robin, Anthony Browne and Vic Lewis, to no one's surprise 1970's "Robin's Reign" could easily have been mistaken for a Bee Gees release.  While Robin's instantly identifiable quivery voice occasionally proved irritating, the biggest surprise here was simply the fact that he proved himself to be every bit as talented as older brothers Barry and Maurice.  Exemplified by power ballads such as 'August October', 'Gone Gone Gone', 'Down Came the Sun' and 'The Worst Girl In This Town', nothing on the album was particularly original or groundbreaking, but the overall caliber of material (all Robin originals) exceeded the stuff being released by his two brothers during the same timeframe (check out their "Cucumber Castle" LP).  Aurally it sounded kind of dated, with most of the ballads being buried in that unique Bee Gees 'wall of sound' orchstration. Lyrically the set was certainly depressing (understandable given the circumstances), but there were plenty of highlights among the tales of pain and woe.  Among the standout tracks, 'Mother and Jack' (an upbeat song apparently about a mother and son about to be evicted ... this one actually sounded like it could have come off of The Bee Gees' "Jive Talking" LP), 'Give Me a Smile' and 'Weekend'.  Unfortunately the set did little commercially in the States. 


"Robin's Reign" track listing:

(side 1)

1.) August October   (Robin Gibb) - 2:32

2.) Gone Gone Gone   (Robin Gibb) - 2:34

3.) The Worst Girl In This Town   (Robin Gibb) - 4:30

4.) Give Me a Smile   (Robin Gibb) - 3:06

5.) Down Came the Sun   (Robin Gibb) - 2:44

6.) Mother and Jack   (Robin Gibb) - 4:04


(side 2)

1.) Saved By the Bell   (Robin Gibb) - 3:04

2.) Weekend   (Robin Gibb) - 2:10

3.) Farmer Ferdinand Hudson   (Robin Gibb) - 3:04

4.) Lord Bless All   (Robin Gibb) - 3:14

5.) Most of My Life   (Robin Gibb) - 5:12


ATCO quickly reached into the album for some follow-on material.  While the "A" side of Robin's 1969 moon landing tribute 'One Million Years' was a non-LP composition, the flip side 'Weekend' was pulled from the album.  As such  ATCO can be credited with pulling one and a half follow-on singles from the LP:


- 1969's 'One Million Years' b/w 'Weekend' (ATCO catalog number 45-6727)

- 1970's 'August October' b/w 'Give Me a Smile' (ATCO catalog number 45-67??)




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