Giles, Randy

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- Randy Giles -- vocals



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Genre: rock

Rating: 1 star *

Title:  Seal It Together

Company: Guinness

Catalog: GNS 36030
Year: 1977

Country/State: US

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: cut lower right corner

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5699

Price: $50.00


Another Guinness tax scam mystery release that doesn't seem to have any documentation on the web ...   Like most Guinness releases there are no performance credits, no writing credits, and no bibliographical info. 


Randy Giles wasn't going to be to everyone's taste and I'll readily admit It took me a couple of spins to get into "Seal It Togerher".   These ten tracks were all best described as conventional pop and rock and some of the songs (the vaguely Caribbean flavored 'I Love My Wife' and the pop-ditty 'Sugar Bear') were actually quite commercial.  The problem was that Giles had a voice that sounded like he was singing through a throat full of vomit.  I know, not exactly a description that will make this album fly off of the shelf and I am looking to sell albums.  On second thought I guess that description might be little harsh.  Perhaps a fairer baseline would be to compare him to an American version of the late Kevin Coyne with a more commercial orientation.  And like Coyne, Giles' voice tended to grow on you if given a chance. The two shared the same sharp edged tone and an affection for dark and rather disturbing imagery (prostitution - 'Cassie Run Away) and (lost love 'Together').  The big problem with this album was simply the material.  Giles was buried under too many hackneyed MOR ballads like 'I Believe In You', 'Sweet Dreams and Memories', and a hideous cover of the chestnut 'Great Pretender'.  Besides, who in their right mind would knowingly agree to record not one, not two, but three Bobby Goldsboro tunes ('Cassie Run Away', 'Love Is' featuring some of the worst French lyrics you'll ever hear, and 'Pollyanna')?  You know, it actually reminds me a little bit of a darker Chris DeBurgh effort ...  not a good thing.


"Seal It Together" track listing:
(side 1)z - 

1.) Cassie Run Away   (Rudy Whaling - Bobby Goldsboro) - 

2.) Together   (Rudy Whaling - Bu) - d Eneau

3.) My Man (Ma Femme)   (M. Yzain - A. Willemitz - J. Challer - C. Pollock) - 

4.) I Believe In You   (unlisted) - 

5.) Sweet Dreams and Memories   (unlisted) - 


(side 2)
1.) Love Is   (Bobby Goldsboro) - 

2.) Pollyanna   (Bobby Goldsboro) - 

3.) I Love My Wife   (unlisted) - 

4.) Great Pretender   (Michael Dinner) - 

5.) Sugar Babe   (unlisted) -