Glass Family, The (1)

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- David Capilouto -- bass, keyboards (1967-69)

- Gary Green -- drums, percussion (1967-69)

- David Capilouto -- bass, keyboards (1967-69)




- none known





Genre: psych

Rating: 3 stars

Title:  Electric Band

Company: Warner Brothers

Catalog: WS-1776

Year: 1968

Country/State: L.A., California

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: small punch out hole top left corner; minor ring wear; very good condition given than 9 out of 10 copies I've seen are thoroughly trashed

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4966

Price: $100.00

In spite of the prototype commune photo on the cover of their 1969 album (love the guy on the roof who's holding the toilet plunger - great way to be remembered), bassist/keyboardist David Capilouto, drummer Gary Green, and lead guitarist Ralph Parrett were apparently an L.A.-based trio.  They seem to have debuted with an instantly obscure 1967 45 for the Warner Brothers affiliated Sidewalk label ('Teenage Rebellion' b/w ??? (Sidewalk catalog number 920) and then bounced around for a couple of years before reappearing with a 1968 album on Warner Brothers.

Produced by Richard Podolor (of Steppenwolf fame), "Electric Band" isn't perfect, but still manages to beat the crap out of many better known, higher priced period competitors.  Largely written by Parrett with Capilouto and Green co-writing a couple of tracks, musically it bounces all over the spectrum, including some decent psych numbers ('House of Glass'), above average rock (the snarling, fuzz powered 'I Want To See My Baby') and equally impressive pop ('Mr. Happy Glee').  The set's only real draw back were a couple of sub-par slices of MOR pop ('Once Again' and 'Do You Remember').  All three members sang, with Parrett apparently handled the majority of leads, turning in some nice performances on the meltdown 'House of Glass' and the blues-rocker 'Born In The U.S.A.'.  While Parrett exhibited a gift for crafting catchy melodies (check out the should've-been-a-hit 'Sometimes You Wander (Henry’s Tune)'), the band were at their best on the psych numbers and harder rock efforts.  Elsewhere Warner Brothers tapped the album for a pair of singles:


- 1969's 'Agorn (Elements Of Complex Variables)' b/w 'Guess I'll Let You Go' (Warner Brothers catalog number 7262)

- 1969's promotional only 'Guess I'll Let You Go' b/w 'David's Rap' (Warner Brothers catalog number PRO-309)


One album and three singles ... that seems to cover the band's recording catalog.  Love to know more 'bout them. 


"Electric Band" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) House Of Glass   (Ralph Parrett) - 3:12

2.) Born In The U.S.A.   (Ralph Parrett) - 2:32

3.) Once Again   (Ralph Parrett) - 2:48

4.) Sometimes You Wander (Henry’s Tune)   (Ralph Parrett) - 3:01

5.) The Means   (Ralph Parrett) - 4:11

6.) Do You Remember   (Ralph Parrett) - 3:22


(side 2)
I Want To See My Baby   (Ralph Parrett - David Capilouto - Gary Green) - 3:46

2.) Lady Blue   (Ralph Parrett) - 2:46

3.) Passage #17   (Ralph Parrett) - 2:32

4.) Mr. Happy Glee   (Ralph Parrett) - 2:37

5.) Guess I’ll Let You Go   (Ralph Parrett) - 2:48

6.) Agorn (Elements of Complex Variables)   (Ralph Parrett - David Capilouto - Gary Green) - 4:12

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