Gordian Knot, The

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Pat Kincade - vocals, guitar (1964-67)
- Dulin Lancaster Jr. - drummer (1964-67)
- J.D Lobue - keyboards, vocals (1964-67)
- Leland Russell - bass, backing vocals (1964-67)
- James Dexter Weatherly - vocals, guitar (1964-67)



Jim Weatherly (solo efforts)




Genre: pop

Rating: * (1 star)

Title:  Tones

Company: Verve

Catalog: V6-5062

Year: 1967

Country/State: Mississippi

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: --

Available: SOLD

GEMM catalog ID: SOLD

Price: SOLD

Cost: $66.00


According to the liner notes on their sole album, The Gordian Knot came together in 1964 at the University of Mississippi. Graduating from school, singer/guitarist Pat Kincade, drummer Dulin Lancaster Jr., keyboardist J.D Lobue, bassist Leland Russell and guitarist James Dexter Weatherly relocated to Erie, New York. From New York they ended up in Los Angeles where they began playing local clubs and celebrity parties. A party thrown by Nancy Sinatra led to a USO tour of South Vietnam (big rock audience), followed by exposure at a number of LA clubs and eventually a contract with Verve.

Produced by Clark Burroughs, 1968's "The Gordian Knot" was a complete disappointment. Given Burroughs' earlier work with The Association, it shouldn't have come as a surprise that the group trafficked in lame, MOR pop. Largely written by Weatherly, tracks such as "We Must be Doing Somethin' Right", "One Way Street" and "Carnival Lights, Again" were at best forgettable; at worst outright nauseating - imagine 30 minutes of television commercial music ... Okay, okay, " If Only I Could Fly", the pseudo-psych "The Year of the Sun" and the single "Broken Down Old Merry-Go-Round" were at least listenable.

"Gordian Knot" track listing:
1.) It's Gonna Take a Lot (Jim Weatherly - Pat Kincade) - 2:50
2.) We Must be Doing Somethin' Right (Jim Weatherly - J.D. Lobue) - 2:47
3.) Strong Wind Blowin' (Jim Weatherly) - 2:42
4.) One Way Street (Jim Weatherly) - 3:07
5.) Carnival Lights, Again (Leland Russell - J.D. Lobue) - 3:08
6.) Carraway Stream (Jim Weatherly) - 2:50
7.) The World Keep Spinnin' (Jim Weatherly) - 3:12
8.) The Year of the Sun (Leland Russell) - 2:58
9.) I Can't Be Hurt Anymore (Jim Weatherly) - 3:12
10.) If Only I Could Fly (Jim Weatherly)- 3:05
11.) Broken Down Old Merry-Go-Round (Leland Russell - J.D. Lobue) - 4:20

Weatherly achieved some mid-'70s recognition as a songwriter and released a couple of quickly forgotten solo sides (see separate entry).

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