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- Wayne (Irving) Anderson -- lead guitar

- Joe (Farley) Battaglia -- percussion

- Dale (Bonzo) Bedford -- bass

- Francis (Woody) Leffel -- vocals

- Al (Rufus) Pinell -- rhythm guitar




- none known




Genre: rock

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Granicus

Company: RCA Victor

Catalog: AFL1-0321

Year: 1973

Country/State: Cleveland. Ohio

Grade (cover/record): G+/VG

Comments: some seam wear and cover separation along the left side; small tear upper left corner (looks like someone tried to tear a price sticker off); vinyl plays perfect

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4

Price: $50.00

Cost: $66.00


Granicus - site where Alexander the Great achieved his first major victory over the Persians ...  also the name of an obscure mid-'70s Cleveland rock outfit ...  The latter's probably what most music references will reflect for this little known outfit.  That's unfortunate, since judging by their self-titled 1973 album, the short-lived quintet were actually pretty good.  

As native Americans (at least that's what Stephen Holden's liner notes claim), guitarist Wayne Anderson, drummer Joe Battaglia, bassist Dale Bedford, singer Francis Leffel and rhythm guitarist Al Pinell  must have been relative novelties in the early-'70s.  Not to sound cynical, but it's not a major stretch of the imagination to guess their heritage may have been one of the reasons they were signed by RCA Records.  It isn't hard to image RCA having an interest in taking advantage of the audience's sudden interest in native American rock acts (witness Redbone), in making a decision to sign this Cleveland, Ohio based outfit.

Produced by Martin Last and Pete Spargo, we've seen 1973's "Granicus" advertised on various dealer lists as psychedelic.  It ain't.  These guys are firmly in the mid-'70s Led Zepplin camp.  That's not necessarily a bad comparison.  As lead singer Leffel was surprisingly accomplished.  His occasionally shrill falsetto took a little getting use to, but when accompanied by Anderson's blazing lead guitar and Pinell's rhythm guitar, material such as "Bad Talk", "Cleveland, Ohio" and the 11 minute plus "Prayer" was propulsive and tuneful.   The lone instrumental "Twilight" was also interesting.  Sporting a pretty melody line, we kept expecting it to explode into an awful power ballad ...  luckily it doesn't.  Nah, it won't change your life in any way, but it's one of those overlooked minor pleasures.  We'll worth the admission price.

"Granicus" track listing:

(side 1)

1.) You're In American   (Granicus - Woody Leffel) - 4:09

2.) Bad Talk   (Granicus - Woody Leffel) - 2:35

3.) Twilight (instrumental)   (Granicus - Woody Leffel) - 3:18

4.) Prayer   (Granicus - Woody Leffel) - 11:02


(side 2)

1.) Cleveland, Ohio   (Granicus - Woody Leffel) - 3:24

2.) Nightmare   (Granicus - Woody Leffel) - 8:15

3.) When You're Moving   (Granicus - Woody Leffel) - 3:11

4.) Paradise   (Granicus - Woody Leffel) - 7:09




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