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- M. Brady -- vocals, bass (1971-72)

- G. Duckworth -- vocals, lead guitar (1971-72)

- G. Green -- vocals, drums (1971-72)




- none known





Genre: rock

Rating: 2 stars **

Title:  Griffin

Company: Romar

Catalog: RM-73014

Year: 1972

Country/State: Los Angeles, California

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: white label promo copy

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4970

Price: $40.00



Produced by John D'Andrea (Bob Marcucci credited as executive producer), 1972's "Griffin" tends to get lukewarm reviews from critics.  While I'll readily admit that it wasn't the year's most creative release, these guys did have a certain AOR charm.  With a lineup credited as bassist M. Brady, guitarist G. Duckworth and drummer G. Green (anyone know their actual names?), tracks such as 'Music's Calling Me', 'Whatever Happens Happens' and 'In the Darkness' were quite commercial and radio friendly.  An added bonus to my ears was the fact that much of the set sported a nice Latin flavor - imagine Manassas with a more top-40 orientation, or perhaps The Doobie Brothers with a Latin touch. Personal favorites include their Neil Young cover 'Down By the River' and the nifty little rocker 'In Spite of What's Going On', while the only real clunker was a needless rocked up (and over-orchestrated) cover of The Temptations' 'Cloud Nine'. Lesson to most rock bands - don't mess with Motown classics.


The trio also released a series of four singles.  


- 1971's 'Calling You' b/w 'In the Darkness' (Romar catalog number 701)

- 1971's 'In Spite of What's Going On' b/w 'Music's Calling Me' (Romar catalog number 704)

- 1972's 'Music Lady' b/w 'Whatever Happens Happens' (Romar catalog number 707)

- 1972's 'Everybody' b/w 'Light At the End of the World' (Romar catalog number 709)


"Griffin" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Music's Calling Me   (Brady Brothrs) - 3:49

2.) Cloud Nine   (Norman WHitfield - Barrett Strong) - 3:05

3.) Whatever Happens Happens  (G. Duckworth - G. Green)  - 3:37

4.) (What Happens) In the Darkness   (Tamy Smith) - 2:50

5.) World Band   (P. Vandertogt - M. Vandertogt - B. Vandersell) - 4:09

(side 2)
1.) After You Leave Me   (George Clinton) - 3:15

2.) Down By the River    (Neil Young) - 6:28

3.) In Spite of What's Going On   (G. Duckworth - G. Green) - 3:06

4.) Light At the End of the World   (M. Brady - G. Duckworth) - 3:43

5.) World Band Revisited   (P. Vandertogt - M. Vandertogt - B. Vandersell) - 





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