Guillory, Isaac

Band members               Related acts

- Jim Carey - drums

- Jim Cole - bass, vocals

- Jim Fairs - guitar

- Fred Gandy - bass

- Pete Gavin - drums

- Sam Gopal - tablas

- Isaac Guillory (RIP 2000) - vocals, guitar

- Cathy Hall - flute

- Johnse Holt - guitar

- Moxy - harp

- Roger Pope - drums




- The Cryan' Shames





Genre: rock

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Isaac Guillory Side One

Company: Atlantic

Catalog: SD 7307

Year: 1974

Country/State: Guantanamo, Cuba

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: cut out notch along side; album does not have a DJ sticker on it 

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4445

Price: $8.00

Cost: $66.00


The late Isaac Gillory may be the best Cuban born, ex-patriot American acoustic guitarist you've never heard of ...  


Born in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, by the time he was in his late teens Guillory had relocated to Chicago where he was hired as The Cryan' Shames bass player. Following the band's 1970 break up he packed an acoustic guitar and headed for Europe, where he spent the next year working as a modern day musical troubadour.  Wandering throughout the continent in 1971 he met English singer/guitarist Al Stewart.  Stewart convinced Guillory to got to England, hiring him to provide support for a Stewart performance at 1971's Cambridge Festival.  Subsequently settling in London, the early 1970s saw Guillroy became a staple on the local folk circuit.  


1973 saw him reunited with former Cryan Shames member James Fairs.  Fairs introduced Guillory to a song written by Geoff Boyan of Chicago's Saturday's Children - 'Sidewalks of America'.   The resulting demo won Guillory a contract with Atlantic and saw the release of 1973's "Isaac Guillory Side One".  Co-produced Ian Samwell, Jeff Dexter and Fairs (who also played guitar and arranged most of the material), the album's quite good.  It took a couple of spins for me to warm up to it, but it's one of those Sunday morning albums that open up to you when you least expect it.  Musically it's easy to see why Stewart took an interest in Guillory.  Imagine what Stewart would have sounded like as an American and you'll get a feel for introspective singer/songwriter material such as 'St. Peter', ''The Carbondale Strutt' and 'Karma Blues'.  Showcasing tablas played by Sam Gopal, the most interesting tune is also the most atypical - the eastern influenced instrumental 'El Jadida'.  


The album vanished within a matter of days and even though he'd already begun recording a follow-up album, Guillory was subsequently dropped by Atlantic.  


"Isaac Guillory Side One" track listing:

(side 1)

1.) St. Peter   (Isaac Guillory) - 4:15

2.) Staying Awhile   (Klemens) - 2:10

3.) Brusselles   (Isaac Guillory) - 2:44

4.) Steamboat   (Isaac Guillory) - 3:18

5.) Sidewalks of America   (Geoff Boyan) - 3:10


(side 2)

1.) The Carbondale Strutt   (Isaac Guillory) - 2:52

2.) Movin' On   (Isaac Guillory) - 2:33

3.) Ice Cream Phoenix   (Kaukonen - Cockey) - 4:02

4.) El Jadida (instrumental)   (Isaac Guillory) - 4:33

5.) Karma Blues   (Carey) - 1:41


Only 52, Guillory died from an undetected cancer in December 2000.  He left behind a wife and four young children.




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