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- Daryl Hall - vocals, keyboards (1969)
- Jim Helmer - drums (1969)
- Thomas Sellers (RIP 1988) - bass, keyboards (1969)
- Tim Moore - vocals, drums, keyboards, bass, guitar




- The Assembled Multitude (Thomas Sellers)
- Hall and Oates (Daryl Hall)
- Daryl Hall (solo efforts)
- Tim Moore (solo efforts)


Genre: rock

Rating: ** (2 stars)

Title:  Gulliver

Company: Elektra

Catalog: EKS-74070

Year: 1969

Country/State: US

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: promo white label, promo sticker on cover, minor ring, edge and corner wear; minor staining on cover

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID:

Price: $12.00


Brought together by manager/producer John Madara, Gulliver was one of the first shots at corporate music. With a line up consisting of Temple University student/vocalist Daryl Hall, drummer Jim Helmer, bassist Thomas Sellers and guitarist Tim Moore, the group had more than it's share of talent quickly attracting the attention of Elektra. 

So what's the attraction? To be honest, if anyone's going to buy this, it's probably due to Hall's participation. Produced by Madara, 1969's "Gulliver" nothing here was particularly distinctive. Largely penned by Moore, the album found the quartet trying to find a path between conventional rock ("I'm Really Smokin'" and "Flogene") and early stabs at blue-eyed Philly soul ("Every Day's a Lovely Day" and "Over the Mountain"). On the other hand, Hall's voice was instantly recognizable and most of the songs sported decent melodies ("Lemon Road"). The album proved a commercial flop and the group quickly disbanded, though not before recording a couple of demos with guitarist John Oates. Hall went on to enjoy gigantic success as a member of Hall and Oates (see separate entry).

"Gulliver" track listing:
1.) Every Day's a Lovely Day (Tom Sellers - Tim Moore - Daryl Hall) - 2:45
2.) I'm Really Smokin' (Jim Helmer - Daryl Hall) - 2:25
3.) Christine (Barry - Tom Sellers - Daryl Hall) - 1:45
4.) Rose Come Home (Jim Helmer - Daryl Hall) - 3:35
5.) Enough (Tim Moore) - 1:58
6.) Over the Mountain (Tim Moore) - 2:32
7.) Angelina (Tim Moore) - 3:10
8.) Flogene (Tim Moore)
9.) Lemon Road (Tom Sellers - Tim Moore) - 3:05
10.) Seventy (Tim Moore) - 3:10
11.) A Truly Good Song (Tim Moore) - 4:25

In case anyone cares, a couple of Gulliver-era tracks appeared on Hall and Oates' 1976 LP "Past Times Behind". Moore and Sellers reappeared with solo careers (see separate entries). Sellers died in a 1988 house fire.



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