Giant Crab Comes Forth, A

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- Dennis Fricia - drums, horns (1967-69)
- Kenny Fricia - keyboards, horns,  vibes, backing vocals

- Ernie Oroscoe - vocals, guitar (1967-69)
- Raymond Oroscoe - bass, keboards (1967-69)
- Ruben Oroscoe - bass, drums, sax (1967-69) 



- Big Brother (featuring Ernie Joseph)

- The Dovers
- Ernie and the Emporers
- Ernie's Funnys





Genre: psych

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  A Giant Crab Comes Forth

Company: Uni

Catalog: 73037

Year: 1968

Country/State: Santa Barbara, CA

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: minor ring, edge and corner wear

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4

Price: $30.00

Cost: $1.00


Santa Barbara, California's A Giant Crab Comes Forth featured the talents of siblings Ernie (vocals and guitar), Raymond (bass) and Ruben (drums) Oroscoe. With the line up rounded out by Dennis (drums) and Kenny (keyboards) Fricia, the group began playing local dances and clubs, eventually finding a mentor in local DJ Johnny Fairchild.  With support from Fairchild the group debuted with a series of three little heard singles on the local Corby label:


- 1967's "Listen Girl" b/w "Summer Breezes" (Corby catalog number CR-216)

- 1967's "Day By Day (It Happens)" b/w "Kind of Funny" (Corby catalog number


- 1967's "It Started with a Little Kiss" b/w "The Answer Is No" (Corby catalog

  number CR-221)


While the singles failed to sell, outside of Southern California, they attracted the attention of Uni Records, which promptly signed the quintet to a recording contract.

Produced by Bill Holmes, 1968's "A Giant Crab Comes Forth" offered up an engaging mixture of Rascals-styled blue-eyed soul with occasional psychedelic influences. As lead singer/prime writer, Ernie displayed a knack for penning highly commercial material.  With the exception of the leadoff narrative (apparently meant as a way of thanking mentor Fairchild), virtually any of the 16 tracks would have made a dandy single.  Highlights included a reworking of the earlier single "It Started with a Little Kiss", "Watch Your Soul", "Enjoy It", "Lydia Purple" and the heavy metal "Hot Line Conversation". That wasn't to say the set was perfect in that the band's penchant for incorporating happening sounds was annoying.  Elsewhere their out-of-tune cover of Joey Levine's "I Enjoy Being a Boy" was thoroughly irritating. Sadly the collection vanished without a trace.

"A Giant Crab Comes Forth" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) A Giant Crab Comes Forth (Johnny Fairchild - Bill Holmes) - 2:18
2.) It Started with a Little Kiss (Ernie Oroscoe) - 2:30
3.) Directions (Ernie Oroscoe) - 3:03
4.) Watch Your Step (Ernie Oroscoe) - 2:37
5.) Intensify Your Soul (Ernie Oroscoe - Ruben Oroscoe) - 2:30
6.) Enjoy It (S. English - C. Ogerman) - 2:04
7.) Hot Line Conversation (Ernie Oroscoe) - 3:00
8.) I Enjoy Being a Boy (Joey Levine - M. Bellack) - 2:45


(side 2)

1.) Lydia Purple (D. Dorin - T. McCashen) - 2:42
2.) Groovy Towne (Ernie Oroscoe - Bill Holmes) - 2:37
3.) Thru the Fields (Ernie Oroscoe - Bill Holmes) - 2:39
4.) The Chance You Take (Ernie Oroscoe) - 2:44
5.) Believe It or Not (Ernie Oroscoe) - 2:54
6.) The Answer Is No (Ernie Oroscoe) - 2:59
7.) HI Ho Silver Lining (S. English - L. Weiss) - 2:30
7.) Why Am I So Proud? (Ernie Oroscoe - R. Oroscoe) - 4:07




Genre: psych

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Cool It ... Helios

Company: Uni

Catalog: 73057

Year: 1969

Country/State: Santa Barbara, CA

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: minor ring, edge and corner wear

Available: SOLD

GEMM catalog ID: SOLD

Price: SOLD

Cost: $1.00


Released the following year, "Cool It ... Helios" found the band opting for a concept piece.  Apparently based on Greek mythology, the plotline alluded us.  Like the debut, the album started out with another Johnny Fairchild rambling leadoff narrative.  Unfortunately, "The Invasion of Helios" didn't do much to explain what was happening.  Overall the band's pop-rock sound remained largely unchanged, though horn-propelled numbers such as "Help Yourself", "Hello Yesterday" and "Welcome To the World" continued the band's drift towards a less attractive MOR sensibility. Elsewhere, with it's sitar lead, "Who Can Teach the Songbird How To Sing" was among the few numbers harkening back to their psychedelic roots. Curiously, while the debut was largely self-penned, here not one of the 16 tracks was an original. (The fractal cover was kinda' neat.)

"Cool It ... Helios" track listing:

(side 1)
1.) The Invasion of Helios (Johnny Fairchild - Bill Holmes) - 2:30
2.) Cool It (S. English - K. Young) - 2:45
3.) Hello Yesterday (S. English - S. Schlaks ) - 2:12
4.) Trust Somebody (S. English - M. Barkan) - 2:49
5.) Don't Make Me Leave You (S. English - M. Siegel) - 2:12
6.) What Became of Yesterday's Hero (S. English - S. Schlaks ) - 2:12
7.) Welcome To the World (S. English - M. Siegel) - 2:12
8.) Help Yourself (S. English - J. Ross - M. Barkan) - 2:37

(side 1)

1.) It's Getting Harder (S. English - K. Young) - 2:20
2.) Who Can Teach the Songbird How To Sing (S. English - Claus Ogerman 
- Graham Nash) - 2:22
3.) Everything Comes Sooner or Later (S. English - K. Sonnenberg) - 1:56
4.) Cleo (M. Siegel) - 2:47
5.) Don't Jump To Conclusions (S. English - K. Young) - 2:24
6.) Pop Corn Double Feature (S. English - Larry Weiss) - 2:45
7.) Walking In Different Circles (S. English - Larry Weiss) - 2:37
8.) I Don't Want To Live This Way (S. English - Claus Ogerman) - 2:39

A follow-up single "ESP" b/w "Hot Line Conversation" and the band appears to have called it quits.


Ernie reappeared as front man for Big Brother (not to be confused with Janis Joplin's band).

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