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- Conrad Archuletta - vocals, shakuhachi, flute (1972)
- Susan Archuletta - vocals, shakuhachi, koto (1972)
- Mike Evans - vocals, mandola, guitar (1972)
- Roger Powell - drums (1972)
- Ian Whiteman - vocals, binya organ, shakuhachi,

  keyboards, oboe (1972)


The Bunch (Ian Whiteman)

- Mighty Baby (Mike Evans, Roger Powell and Ian






Genre: folk

Rating: ** (2 stars)

Title:  If Man But Knew

Company: Island


Year: 1972

Country/State: UK

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: UK import

Available: SOLD


Price: SOLD


Oh brother ... Mike Evans, Roger Powell and Ian Whiteman had all been members of Mighty Baby (great, if largely unknown band). Having converted to the Muslim Sufti faith, following Mighty Baby's collapse the three turned their attentions to recording a collection of acoustic Sufit-inspired music. Backed by Conrad and Susan Archuletta, 1972's Powell and Whiteman produced "If Man But Knew" is certainly different. While you have to admire group's dedication to their new found faith, as you can probably tell from the titles, material such as "Two Shakuhachis", "Koto PIece" and "Fana-Fillah" isn't exactly standard-issue rock and roll. Instead what'cha get is a largely instrumental collection of eastern-influenced acoustic numbers. Much of the set is oddly hypnotic and the handful of vocal numbers (apparently sung in Sufis), actually generate some steam. That said, most folks won't be playing this one on a regular basis. Elsewhere, Ian Dallas' liner notes are hysterical mumble jumble pomposity ... Given there was a limited (e.g. non-existent) market for this stuff, the LP's actually rather rare.

"If Man But Knew" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Two Shakuhachis (instrumental) (Diwan of the Vernerable Shaykh Al-Habib) - 1:37
2.) Koto PIece (instrumental) (Diwan of the Vernerable Shaykh Al-Habib) - 4:55 
3.) The Eyewitness (Diwan of the Vernerable Shaykh Al-Habib) - 8:17
4.) Mandola (instrumental) (Diwan of the Vernerable Shaykh Al-Habib) - 5:49

(side 2)

1.) If Man But Knew (Diwan of the Vernerable Shaykh Al-Habib) - 8:57
2.) Fana-Fillah (Diwan of the Vernerable Shaykh Al-Habib) - 9:50

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