Harry, Debbie

Band members               Related acts

- Phil Ashley - synthesizers

- Tom Bailey - keyboards

- Arthur Baker - drums

- Terry Bozio - drums

- David Brave - keyboards

- Johann Brundquist - keyboards

- Tony C. - keyboards

- Geoff Dugmore - drums

- Lee Foxx - bass

- Steve Goldstein - keyboards

- Deborah Harry - vocals

- Bobby Khozouri - keyboards

- Mac Quayle - keyboards

- Tommy Price - drums

- Chris Stein - guitar



- Blonde (Deborah Harry)

- Wind On the Willows (Deborah Harry)





Genre: rock

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Def Dumb & Blonde

Company: Sire

Catalog: 25938-1

Year: 1989

Country/State: US

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: original inner sleeve; promo stamp on cover

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4360

Price: $6.00

Cost: $66.00


While Deborah Harry's first couple of solo efforts attracted considerable media attention (if not sales), by the time 1989's "Def Dumb & Blonde" hit the stores, most of her fans had moved on to other interests.  That's unfortunate to the extent this is probably the best of her solo efforts.  A large amount of the credit goes to the fact the album reunited Harry with former Blonde producer Mike Chapman.  Chapman's always had a knack for crafting rock and roll that was fun - a characteristic that pervades most of this album.  For her part Harry seemed relaxed and comfortable, turning in a nice mixture of pop-rock and dance oriented tracks. Much of the album was co-written by Harry and longstanding partner Chris Stein, but 'I Want That Man' and 'Kiss It Better' were written with The Thompson Twins' Tom Bailey and Allanah Currie.  Elsewhere, Harry performed 'Brite Side' when she appeared in an an episode of CBS's Wiseguy television drama series. So what were the highlights?  To my ears the pretty Latin-flavored 'Calmarie', the Blonde-ish 'He Is So' and 'End of the Run' all stand out. If anyone cares, the Cult's Ian Ashley provided backing vocals on 'Lovelight'.  

"Def Dumb & Blonde" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) I Want That Man   (Allanah Currie - Tom Bailey) - 3:42

2.) Lovelight   (Chris Stein) - 3:56

3.) Kiss It Better  (Allanah Currie - Tom Bailey - Deborah Harry) - 4:19

4.) Maybe For Sure   (Deborah Harry - Chris Stein) - 4:30

5.) Calmarie   (Nana Vasconcelos - Mario Toldeo) - 4:42

6.) Get Your Way   (Deborah Harry - Chris Stein) - 6:14


(side 2)
.) Sweet and Low  (Toni C - Deborah Harry) - 4:49

2.) He Is So   (Deborah Harry - Chris Stein) - 5:10

3.) Brite Side   (Deborah Harry - Chris Stein) 4:34

4.) Bugeye   (Deborah Harry - Chris Stein) - 4:06

5.) End of the Run   (Deborah Harry - Chris Stein) - 7:03


(Take this as a 100% sexist statement, but Harry must have been the hottest 43 year old on the planet ...)



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