Help Yourself

Band members               Related acts

- Paul Burton -- bass, guitar, vocals (replaced JoJo Glesmer

  and Ernie Graham) (1971-73)

- Dave Charles -- drums, percussion, vocals (1970-73)

- JoJo Glemser -- lead guitar (1971)

- Ernie Graham -- guitar, vocals (replaced Ken Whaley)


- Malcolm Morley -- keyboards, guitar, vocals (1970-73)

- Richard Treece -- bass, guitar, vocals (1970-73)

- Ken Whalley -- bass (1970-71 and 73)



Ducks Deluxe (Ken Whalley)

- The Flying Aces (Richard Treece)

- Ernie Graham (solo efforts)

- Deke Leonard's Iceberg

- Man (Malcolm Morley and Ken Whalley)

- Neutrons (David Charles)





Genre: rock

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Strange Affair

Company: United Artists

Catalog: UAS-5591

Year: 1972

Country/State: London, England

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: minor ring and edge wear; original inner sleeve; cut lower right corner

Available: SOLD

GEMM catalog ID: 5135

Price: SOLD


English pub rock's always been a personal favorite, as has the little known Help Yourself.  Sure, judged by the cover photo they looked like a bunch of on-the-dole hippies, but with 1972's "Strange Affair" they turned in one of the genre's highpoints.


Recorded at Dave Edmund's Rockfield Studios with Anton Matthews and the band co-producing, the band's sophomore album came together amidst a string of personnel changes including the departures of original bass player Ken Whalley; his replacement Ernie Graham, and lead guitarist JoJo Glemser (the latter two left during the actual recording sessions).  The fact the album was completed, let alone turned out so well amidst such trying circumstances spoke volumes for the dedication and professionalism of prime songwriter Malcolm Morley and the rest of the line up (bassist Paul Burton, drummer Dave Charles, and guitarist Richard Treece).  Musically the album offered up a fairly conventional set of early-1970s rock, that might well escape notice the first couple of times. That's unfortunate since the performances were uniformly impressive and Morley's material was frequently quite clever (okay I'll admit 'Movie Star' was pedestrian and lame).  Highlights included the rocking title track, the pretty acoustic ballad 'Brown Lady' (with distinctive CS&N-styled harmonies), and the nine minute plus and mildly-psych-ish instrumental 'The All Electric Fur Trapper'.  Certainly not the most original LP you'll ever hear, but still a good one to track down.  United Artists also tapped the album for a single:  'Heaven Row' b/w 'Brown Lady' (United Artists catalog number 35355).


"Strange Affair" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Strange Affair   (Malcolm Morley) - 3:31

2.) Brown Lady   (Malcolm Morley) - 4:42

3.) Movie Star   (Ernie Graham) - 5:45

4.) Deanna Call and Scotty   (Malcolm Morley) - 3:45


(side 2)
1.) Heaven Road   (
Malcolm Morley - 4:15

2.) The All Electric Fur Trapper (instrumental)   (Malcolm Morley - 9:31

3.) Many Ways of Meeting   (Malcolm Morley - 3:53