Hollins and Starr

Band members               Related acts

- Bobby Christian -- percussion

- Pat Ferrara -- guitar

- Chuck Hollins -- guitar, keyboards

- Ross Salomoni -- drums

- Dave Starr -- flute, recorder

- Ron Steele -- guitar

- Bob Surga -- bass

- John Titak -- sound effects



- none known





Genre: folk-rock

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Sidewalks Talking

Company: Ovation

Catalog: OV/14-07

Year: 1970

Country/State: US

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: minor ring wear; promo sticker on back cover

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4930

Price: $100.00



First let me warn you that Chuck Hollins and Dave Starr are folkies at heart and much of 1970's Norm Christina produced "Sidewalks Talking" showcases those musical tendencies. I also have to admit that I'm surprised I like this album as much as I do. The first couple of times I played the LP Dave Starr's omni-present flute proved a major stumbling block to my ears, particularly those segments where he's give the spotlight to cut lose (the end of 'Hard Headed Women' and the band's odd decision to cover Bach's 'Vivach').  Luckily I tend to play an album at least four times before making a decision as to whether its a keeper or not.  By the fourth spin the flutes remained a source of irritation, but the album's other charms compensated for that particular distraction.  With the pair splitting writing duties, acoustic material like 'Twin City Prayer', 'John Hurt' and 'Lovable' (the latter recalling something Nick Drake might have done) was pretty and quite listenable.  Hollins and Starr were both gifted with pretty voices and on tracks such as the pretty ballad 'Cry Baby Cry' and 'Feelin' Good' they turned in some truly gorgeous harmonies.  That said, the collection's highlights came courtesy of their occasional discordant, psych and rock splashes - if you want to hear all three genres collide at once then check out the wild 'Hard Headed Woman'.   Equally impressive were the surprising fuzz guitar propelled 'Home?' and ''.  A real charmer that rewards repeated visits ...  okay, okay you might want to skip 'Digress'.


"Sidewalks Talking" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Talking To Myself   (Chuck Hollins) - 4:22

2.) Krishna Dov   (David Starr) - 2:15

3.) Cry Baby Cry   (Doug Macomber - Chuck Hollins) - 3:17

4.) Twin City Prayer    (David Starr) - 1:36

5.) John Hurt   (Chuck Hollins) - 2:12

6.) Hard Headed Women   (Dave Starr - Chuck Hollins) - 5:21

(side 2)
1.) Home?   (Chuck Hollins) - 3:34

2.) Vivach (2nd Movement from Unaccompanied Sonata A Minor)   (J.S. Bach) - 2:07

3.) Lovable   (Chuck Hollins) - 3:50

4.) Digress   (Chuck Hollins) - 2:50

5.) Staying High   (Dave Starr - Chuck Hollins) - 2:23

6.) Sidewalks Talking   (Chuck Hollins) - 3:32

7.) Feelin' Good   (Dave Starr - Chuck Hollins) - 2:10




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