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Genre: soul

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  I Love You

Company: ABC

Catalog: ABCS-701

Year: 1970

Country/State: Norfolk, Virginia

Grade (cover/record): NM/NM

Comments: was sealed; opened to check and tape

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4330

Price: $30.00

Cost: $66.00


In many ways Eddie Holman stands as a perfect example of a journeyman soulster.  Immensely talented, he's been recording since the mid-1960s (and continues to perform as I'm writing this in 2004).  Unfortunately, apart from a handful of minor R&B hits, he's only enjoyed one unabashed commercial success - 1970's# 2 pop  'Hey There Lonely Girl'.


Having worked together during the early and mid-1960s, 1969 saw Holman renew his collaboration with Philadelphia-based producer Peter DeAngelis.  The partnership was interesting in that DeAngelis' reputation rested on his work with 1950s era teen idols such as Frankie Avalon and Fabian.  Gawd only knows why, but the two parties somehow found a musical connection, turning 1970's "I Love You" into an impressive set of Philadelphia soul.  Surrounded by first-rate material such as the title track (co-written by wife Sheila Holman), 'It's All In the Game' and the self-penned 'Am I A Loser' Holman's instantly recognizable falsetto and measured deliveries were quite impressive.  While the set would have benefited from a couple of up tempo numbers and a little less theatricality ('Four Walls'), the only real complaint stemmed from DeAngelis' heavy handed arrangements and orchestration. Holman deserved considerable credit for being able to stand up to the walls of strings and nauseating backing vocalists.  The bottom line is than anyone  into 1970s soul groups such as The Delfonics and The Stylistics will find this worth owning.


ABC tapped the album for three singles:

- 1969's 'I Love You' b/w ''Since I Don't Have You' (ABC catalog number 45-11149)

- 1969's "Hey There Little Girl' b/w 'It's All In the Game' (ABC catalog number 45-11240)

- 1970's 'Don't Stop' b/w 'Since I Don't Have You' (ABC catalog number 45-11261)

"I Love You" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) I Love You   (Tony Marks - Sheila Hopman) - 3:11

2.) It's All In the Game  (Charles Dawes - Carl Sigman) - 3:12

3.) Since My Love Has Gone   (H. Wasserman - J. Aaron) - 2:38

4.) I Cried   (Michael Elias - Billy Duke) - 2:48

5.) I'll Be Forever Loving You   (L. Arnold - T. Daniel) - 2:50

6.) Since I Don't Have You   (J. Rock and the Skyliners) - 3:10


(side 2)
1.) Hey There Lonely Girl   (Earl Shuman - Leon Carr) - 3:19

2.) Let Me Into Your Life   (A. Hollen - Peter DeAngelis) - 2:20

3.) Four Walls   (F. Marks - Sheila Holman) - 2:25

4.) Don't Stop Now   (Eddie Homan - James Soloman) - 2:55

5.) Am I A Loser   (Eddie Homan - James Soloman) - 2:34





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