Hombres, The

Band members               Related acts

- Billy Cunningham -- keyboards

- Johnny Hunter -- drums

- Lee Masters -- vocals

- Gary McEwen -- lead guitar



- Ronnie and the Dakotas



Genre: garage

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Hombres, The

Company: Verve Forecast

Catalog: FTS 3036 (stereo)

Country/State: US

Year: 1968

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: --

Available: 1

GEMM Catalog ID: 5218

Price: $20.00


Employed as sessions players, keyboardist Billy Cunningham, drummer Johnny Hunter and guitarist Gary McEwen first crossed paths in 1966 while touring with Ronnie and the Dakotas. Unhappy with their status as hired hands the three decided to form their own band and promptly began recording and shopping demo tapes. With the addition of vocalist/bassist Lee Masters to the line-up, their initial efforts proved unsuccessful, but the group eventually attracted the attention of producer Shelby SIngleton who arranged for a recording session with producer Huey Meaux. 

Signed by Verve/Forecast, the group's 1967 debut 'Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)' b/w 'Go Girl Go' (Verve Forecast catalog number ) introduced their surprisingly commercial country-psychedelic sound. With a fluke top-20 hit on their hands Verve/Forecast rushed the group back into the studio to record an album's worth of material in support of the single. Released as the cleverly-titled "Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out" the hastily recorded album wasn't particularly focused. Propelled by Masters' dry, country twang the highlights included a freakout cover of 'Gloria' (with a nifty little 'Eight Miles High' interlude) and the follow-on single 'It's a Gas' b/w 'Am I High' (Verve Forecast catalog number KF 5076).  That wasn't to say the set was a complete success. Reflecting their Ronnie and the Daytonas days, 'Little 2+ 2' offered up a bland slice of formulaic hot rod music, 'So Bad' was an equally dull ballad, while 'Mau Mau Mau' and 'This Little Girl' sounded like laxative commercials. Needless to say, the material was largely shunned by commercial radio, though the parent album managed to hit # 180. (I always wondered why the cover photo was shot at a garbage dump ...)

"Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Let It Out (Let It All Hang Our) - 2:05
2.) Little 2 + 2 - 1:40
3.) So Bad - 3:47
4.) Gloria   (Van Morrison) - 5:43
5.) Am I High   (Billy Cunnigham - JohnHunter - Lee Masters - Gary McEwan) - 2:49

(side 2)

1.) Mau Mau Mau - 2:15
2.) This Little Girl - 1:58
3.) Sorry 'Bout That - 2:15
4.) Ya Ya - 3:11
5.) Hey Little Girl - 1:46
6.) It's a Gas   (Billy Cunnigham - JohnHunter - Lee Masters - Gary McEwan) - 1:56

The band apparently recorded  follow-on album (tentatively titled "The Hombres"), but the project was shelved by Verve/Forecast. Following a final single for Verve ('Take My Overwhelming Love (and Shove It In Your Heart)' b/w 'Pumpkin Man' (Verve/Forecast catalog number KF-xxx) and a one-shot 1969 single for Sun ('If This Ain't Love You, Baby' b/w 'You Made Me What I Am' (Sun catalog number )), by the end of 1969 The Hombres were history.




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