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- Clive Davies - vocals, drums, synthesizers (replaced

  Dennis Elliott) (1974-75)
- Dennis Elliott - drums (1970-74)
- Jim Greensalde - keyboards (1974)
- J.W. Hodgkinson - vocals, percussion (1970-)
- Walt Monaghan - vocals, bass (1974)
- Gabriel Mango - keyboards (1974)
- John Mealing - vocals, keyboards (1970-)
- Dick Morrissey - sax, reeds (1970-
- Dave Quincy - reeds (1970-73)
- Jim Richardson - bass (1970-74)
- Terry Smith - guitar (1970-73)
- Geoff Whitehorn - vocals, guitar (1974-75)
- David WIntour - bass (replaced Jim Richardson) (1974-75)



- The Mick Abrahams Band (Walt Monaghan)

- Back Street Crawler (Geoff Whitehorn)
- Crawler (Geoff Whitehorn)
- Foreigner (Dennis Elliott)
- Greenslade (Dave Greenslade)
- Morrissey - Mullen

- Rust (Walt Monaghan)
- Zzebra (Terry Smith and Dave Quincy)


Genre: rock

Rating: ** (2 stars)

Title:  Tea-Break Over - Back On Your 'Heads!

Company: Capital

Catalog: ST 11244

Year: 1975

Grade (cover/record): G+ / VG-

Comments: cover has considerable wear but is intact; vinyl looks worn, but plays well

Available: 1

GEMM Catalog ID: 

Price: $6.00


By the time 1975's "Tea Break Is Over, Back On Your Head" was released, sax player Dick Morrisey was the only original member left in the line up, making it clear the group was rapidly running out of creative steam. While the band's trademarked elaborate horn arrangements remained in place (check out the closing sax solo on 'Ballad of the Yessirrom Kid'), with sinmger/drummer Clive Davies responsible for the bulk of material, selections such as 'Merlin the Magic Man', the title track and 'I Had a Friend' found the band returning to a more mainstream and commercial sound. The results weren't bad, but precious little really stood out - the Spanish influenced 'Don Quixote's Masquerade' was probably the best of the lot. Curiously, the track listing reflected a Morrissey composition 'Song for Alison' that wasn't on the LP; the unlisted 'The Night Bird' was apparently substituted at the last moment. The set proved a commercial disappointment; their first release not to at least hit the top-200 charts. (Always loved the humorous Ken Cox/John Pasche cover art.) Shortly after the album was released the band broke up for good.

"Tea Break Is Over, Back On Your Head" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Merlin the Magic Man (Clive Davies) - 5:06
2.) Ballad of the Yessirrom Kid (Clive Davies) - 5:20
3.) Don Quixote's Masquarade (Clive Davies) - 7:50 


(side 2)

1.) Tea Break Over - Back On Your 'Heads (Whitehorn - Clive Davies - Walt Monaghan) - 6:06
2.) The Night Bird (Dick Morressey) - 3:55 
3.) I Had a Friend (Clive Davies) - 4:30 
4.) Raw Sewage (instrumental) (Clive Davies) - 6:13