Isley Jasper Isley

Band members               Related acts

- Ernei Isley - vocals, lead guitar, drums

- Marvin Isley - bass, keyboards, percussion, 

  backing vocals

- Chris Jasper - vocals, keyboards



The Isley Brothers 

- Ernie Isley (solo efforts)



Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Different Drummer

Company: CBS Associated

Catalog: AL 40409

Year: 1987

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: cut out hole along top left corner

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4182

Price: $9.00

Cost: $1.00


The first couple of times we listened to 1987's "Different Drummer" it didn't do all that much for us.  To be honest, it sounded like the trio were just trying to get through what was probably a contractual obligation.  Luckily, these guys were simply too talented to turn in an album without any redeeming virtues.  A couple of spins and the album starts to reveal its charms.  Chief among those attributes remained Ernie's instantly identifiable guitar ... talk about a talented guy. Still, it's easy to see why the album didn't do well commercially.  Material such as the title track, "8th Wonder of the World" and "Brother To Brother" was simply to rock oriented for black audiences, while the band was too black for white audiences ... the ultimate Catch 22!   Is it us, or did "Do It RIght" sound like an Earth, Wind and Fire outtake?  While the parent album didn't do much, two singles were lifted from the set and attracted some airplay.  "8th Wonder of the World" b/w "Broadway's Closer To Sunset Blvd." (CBS Associated catalog number 07018) and "Givin' You Back Your Love" b/w "" (CBS Associated catalog number 07254) both went top-20 R&B.  Unfortunately, the album did little commercially (# 40 R&B) and the trio subsequently ended their partnership.

"Different Drummer" track listing:

(side 1)
1.) Different Drummer   (Ernie Isley - Marvin Isley - Chris Jasper) - 5:47

2.) 8th Wonder of the World   (Ernie Isley - Marvin Isley - Chris Jasper) - 5:31

3.) Blue Rose   (Ernie Isley - Marvin Isley - Chris Jasper) - 5:54

4.) Do It Right   (Ernie Isley - Marvin Isley - Chris Jasper) - 4:06


(side 2)
1.) Givin' You Back the Love   (Ernie Isley - Marvin Isley - Chris Jasper) - 5:25

2.) A Once In a Lifetime Lady   (Ernie Isley - Marvin Isley - Chris Jasper) - 4:22

3.) For the Sake of Love   (Ernie Isley - Marvin Isley - Chris Jasper) - 5:15

4.) Brother To Brother   (Ernie Isley - Marvin Isley - Chris Jasper) - 3:49

5.) I Wanna Be Yours   (Ernie Isley - Marvin Isley - Chris Jasper) - 4:30




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