Jameson, Bob

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- Bob Jameson - vocals




- Chris Lucey (solo efforts)




Genre: psych

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Color Him In

Company: Verve

Catalog: V6-5015

Year: 1967

Country/State: --

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: small bullet hole bottom left corner

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4236

Price: $75.00

Cost: $66.00


Interesting how time has a way of changing our perspectives. In the late-'60s an artist saying something along the lines of "My music is where I have been, what I have seen, how I feel, and who I am." may have been viewed as having vision and daring. Today you'd have to laugh at anyone dumb enough to spout such crappola ... That said, this one's steadily grown on us. The first time we listened to it we were left with the impression Robert Parker (B.) Jameson was little more than a run-of-the-mill singer/songwriter. A couple of spins have revealed the album's considerable charm. 

Actually, we should probably backtrack a little and cover what little is known about this guy. Jameson (aka Chris Lucey), actually started out as a mid-'60s folkie. Different references list as being from Arizona, Southern California, or even a transplanted Englishman. Regardless, signed by the small Surrey label, he released a little heard 1965 album - "Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest". 

Two years later, Lucey/Jameson reappeared sporting then-requisite long unwashed hair, a beard and a penchant for turtle neck sweaters and chains. Given those qualifications it probably wasn't hard to see why Verve Records decided to sign him to a recording contract. Teaming the singer/songwriter with producers Curt Boettcher, Jim Bell and Steve Clark, 1967's "Color Him In" also made commercial sense for a label clearly interested in trying to cash-in on the country's sudden interest in counterculture voices. To be perfectly honest, Jameson wasn't exactly a major musical talent. As a writer, original material such as "Windows and Doors" (loved the post-production applause) and the arch "Right By My Side" was almost funny. As a singer, typified by the likes of "Jamie" and "Do You Believe In Yesterday" his ragged, out-of-tune voice took a little getting use to. Luckily the collection benefited from a wide array of psych touches (credit producer Boettcher), including the rollicking "Window and Doors", "Who's Putting Who On" (be sure to check out the out of control horns) and the not-too-subtle lyrics on "Candy Colored Dragon". Elsewhere Jameson's anti-establishment image occasionally seemed at odds with Association-styled pop material such as "Know Yourself", "Jenny" and "I Love You More Than You Know". A commercial non-entity, Verve quickly dropped Jameson; effectively killing his recording career. (Always loved the dumb album cover ...)

"Color Him In" track listing:
(side 1)1.) Jamie (Bob Jameson) -3:07
2.) Know Yourself (Bob Jameson) - 3:22
3.) Windows and Doors (Bob Jameson) - 2:30
4.) Right By My Side (Bob Jameson) - 2:33
5.) Who's Putting Who On (Bob Jameson) - 2:27
6.) The New Age (Bob Jameson) - 2:18

(side 2)

1.) Jenny (Bob Jameson) -2:50
2.) Do You Believe In Yesterday (Bob Jameson) - 2:25
3.) I Love You More Than You Know (Bob Jameson) - 2:30
4.) See Dawn (Bob Jameson) - 3:02
5.) Candy Colored Dragon (Bob Jameson) - 2:50
6.) Places Times and the People (Bob Jameson) - 2:32




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Message from Bobby Jameson/Chris Lucey,
Since you have disussed me in your group, regarding Fallout records cd release of "Color
Him IN", and their one time payment to me, which I appreciated, I must tell you that I have
plans to offer "Color Him In" to the public as another Free Download. Other than $1000.
from Fallout and 50 cd's, I have never been paid anything for that recording, as the artist
or writer composer. After 40 years, I think that "Color Him In" has probably generated a
little more than that. Likewise with my album "Songs Of Protest And Anti Protest" by Chris
Lucey, who is me, I have been paid $127.15 by Ace Record and nothing by Revola for the
past 5 years that the cd has been out. In as much as these amounts are totally inadequate,
since I wrote all the songs on both albums, I would rather see people, who may want
them, get them for free. Since these companies, don't own these works, why should they
make money off them. I have as much claim as anyone to the rights, since I created them.
That is why I have posted these messages. My album "Working" also falls into this
catagory and the song "To Ramona" is from the "Working" sessions in 1968. It has never
been released until now and I am glad to make it available to the public for free. I am
grateful that there has been renewed interest in me and in Chris Lucey and that people
want the music. I just think it is time to do something as an artist and writer regarding fair
and just compensation for my work. If you, as a company, release peoples work and don't
pay them, those creators of such works, should complain and complain loudly, which is
what I am doing here. I would truely appreciate any comments you may have regarding
this subject I have placed before you.

Bobby Jameson/Chris Lucey

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