James, Jesse

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- Jesse James (aka James McClelland) -- vocals



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Genre: soul

Rating: **** (4 stars)

Title:  Jesse James

Company: 20th Century Fox

Catalog: S3197

Year: 1968

Country/State: Eldorando, Arkansas

Grade (cover/record): NM / NM

Comments: was sealed; opened to tape; still in shrink wrap

Available: 1

Price: $60.00


This one is major league OBSCURE and stands as one of our favorite soul finds of the last year.   It's also worth noting that there are at least three mid-'60s Jesse James out there, so it's understanding that various reference works tend to get them confused.  


As far as we can tell this guy was born James McClelland in Eldorando, Arkansas.  Working under the stage name  Jesse James, the mid-'60s found him performing in soul clubs in and around California's San Francisco/Oakland area.  He picked up a mentor/supported in the form of manager/producer Jesse Mason Jr. and somehow managed to attract the attention of 20th Century Fox.  Signed to a recording contract, 1968's cleverly titled "Jesse James"  teamed James with Mason in the production role.  Musically the album's surprisingly impressive.  While James high and thin vocals weren't among soul's most recognizable voices, he made the most of his talents, turning in an impressive set of deep soul performances.  The opener "Facts of Life "68", the vamping "Believe In Me Baby (Parts 1 and 2)" and "Green Power" were all interesting in that their pseudo-live sound made it sound like they were recorded at the local corner bar.  Most comfortable working in a mid tempo range, tracks such as "I'll Always Love You", "If You're Lonely (Take My Hand)" and "bring My baby Back" are great!  The only real misstep is the supper club jazz piece "Time After Time".   Elsewhere, released as a single "Believe In Me Baby (Part 1) " b/w "Believe In Me Baby (Part 2) " (20th Century Fox catalog 45-6684) provided James with his lone brush with success on the pop charts.  One of those albums that grows on you with every spin, it's another lost soul classic and well worth the admissions price! 


"Jesse James" track listing:

(side 1)

1.) Facts of Life "68"   (Jesse James) - 3:11

2.) Thank You Darlin'   (Jesse Mason Jr. - Jesse James - Sugar Pie DeSantos) - 2:32

3.) I'll Always Love You  (Jesse Mason Jr. - Jesse James - Zel Mason) - 3:08

4.) Until You Girl  (Jesse Mason Jr. - Jesse James - Sugar Pie DeSantos) - 2:54

5.) Believe In Me Baby (Part 1)   (Shena Demell - Sugar Pie DeSantos - Anderson) - 3:22


(side 2)

1.) Believe In Me Baby (Part 2)   (Shena Demell - Sugar Pie DeSantos - Anderson - Jesse James) - 2:45

2.) If You're Lonely (Take My Hand)   (Johnny Heartsman) - 2:40

3.) Green Power   (Johnny Heartsman) - 2:07

4.) Time After Time   (Styne - Kahn) - 4:46

5.) Bring My Baby Back   (Johnny Heartsman) - 4:46

6.) At Last   (Warren - Gordon) - 3:10




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