Joyfull Noise

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- David W. Hanni -- guitar

- Wolcott W. Pugh -- keyboards

- David M. Rowe -- bass

- John C. Rowe -- guitar

- Eric C. Von Ammon -- drums




- none known





Genre: rock

Rating: 2 stars **

Title:  Joyfull Noise

Company: RCA Victor

Catalog: LPM-3963

Year: 1968

Country/State: US

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: mono pressing; minor ring and edge wear

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: not yet listed

Price: $20.00



Quite a popular name for bands (though you should note the extra 'l' in the name), this outfit differs from at least two other 'Joyful Noise' outfits in that they're not a Christian-oriented outfit.  


Good luck finding much about this short-lived Northeastern (Massachusetts?) band ...  What little I know comes from the brief liner notes on their self-titled 1968 album; that basically being the band's line up consisted of guitarist David W. Hanni, keyboardist Wolcott W. Pugh, bassist David M. Rowe, guitarist John C. Rowe and drummer Eric C. Von Ammon.  I also know that their 1968 debut "Joyfull Noise" was recorded in RCA's New York Studio with Bob Cullen producing. 


Like a lot of stuff that shows up on dealer lists, I've seen a couple of catalogs describe this one as being psych-ish.  While not an outright lie, consider most of it to be a fair bit of a creative stretch.  Featuring all original material (largely penned by Hanni and Rowe), a couple of tracks like 'People Get Together', 'Animals, Flowers and Children' and 'Mirrors' had a light Beatlesque psych flavor, but for the most part the album was better described as being pop-oriented.  While not all of their psych moves were successful (check out the pretentious ''Onyx Green Glass), those numbers were far stronger than their more commercial moves.  Clearly written with a commercial edge 'Make a Joyfull Noise Tonight' and 'Puppets and Pearls' were simply annoying, made even worse by the irritating horn arrangements.  Too bad they didn't follow their muse and go with a tougher sound like 'Yes She Did' and the catchy 'What Me Worry?' since they certainly had the talent to do well ...   RCA also tapped the album for a single: 'Animals, Flowers and Children' b/w 'What Me Worry' (RCA Victor catalog number 47-9516).


"Joyfull Noise" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) People Get Together   (Rowe) - 

2.) Make a Joyfull Noise Tonight   (Rowe - Hanni) - 

3.) Onyx Green Glass   (Rowe - Hanni) - 

4.) Puppets and Pearls   (Rowe - Hanni) - 

5.) Adam and Eve   (Rowe - Hanni) - 

6.) Yes She Did   (Rowe) - 

(side 2)
1.) Animals, Flowers and Children   (Rowe - Hanni) - 

2.) Mirrors   (Rowe - Hanni) - 

3.) Wrapped In the Hide of a Yellow Cow   (Rowe - Hanni) - 

4.) What Me Worry?   (Hanni) - 

5.) Bundle of Joy   (Rowe) - 


Mo Mack: voice & guitar; Skip Parente: fiddle

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