Kennedy, Mike

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- Mike Kennedy (aka Michael Kogel) -- vocals

Los Bravos

- Mike & the Runaways (Mike Kogel)





Genre: rock

Rating: ** (2 stars)

Title:  Louisiana

Company: ABC

Catalog: ABCX-754

Year: 1972

Country/State: Germany

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: minor ring wear

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4850

Price: $30.00



It was just dumb luck that I stumbled across this album, let alone recognized Mike Kennedy (aka Michael Kogel) as being the former lead singer of Los Bravos (of 'Black Is Black' fame).  


As a big Los Bravos fan I was curious to hear the man's little known solo effort.  That said, I'll admit that the first couple of times I played 1972's "Louisiana" I was a little disappointed.  Whereas Los Bravos were a pretty raw garage outfit, this Steve Barri and Alain Milhaud produced collection is quite polished. Complete with horns and heavy orchestration, the results occasionally fall just this side of MOR ('Everything I Touch Turns To Tears' and 'Forgive and Forget').  That complaint out of the way I'll also admit that Kennedy and his collection of big name studio players (including the songwriting team of Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter) turn in some excellent and highly commercial pop performances.  Exemplified by tracks such as 'Naked In the Cradle' and 'Georgia (Didn't Give Me Bo Good Night Kissin')' I always liked Kennedy's lightly accented vocals.  In fact if you didn't know he was German you might not even notice his accented performances.  Highlights include the Gospel-ish 'More Than Just a Woman' and the weird echo drenched title track.  While it did nothing commercially, ABC tapped 'Louisiana' b/w 'The Lover' as a single (ABC catalog number 11309).


"Louisiana" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Look In My Eyes Pretty Woman  (Dennis Lambert - Brian Potter) - 2:59

2.) Naked In the Cradle  (Dennis Lambert - Brian Potter) - 2:59

3.) Georgia (Didn't Give Me No Good Night Kissin')  (Dennis Lambert - Brian Potter) - 2:49

4.) Everything I Touch Turns To Tears   (P. Udell - G. Gold) - 2:56

5.) The Livin' I'm Doin' (Ain't Worth the Lovin' I'm Gettin')   (H. Price - Dan Walsh - M. Kupps) - 2:49

6.) More Than Just a Woman   (Mogol - Lavezzi - Dennis Lambert - Brian Potter) - 3:41


(side 2)
1.) Forgive and Forget  (Dennis Lambert - Brian Potter) - 2:58

2.) I Can't Hold On  (Dennis Lambert - Brian Potter) - 2:40

3.) Yesterday's Hero   (R. Sebastian) - 3:25

4.) Look Up In the Sky   (F. Geyer) - 3:02

5.) Louisiana   (F. Arbex) - 3:30

There's also at least one non-LP 45 'Mother America' b/w 'Georgia (Didn't Give Me No Good Night Kissin')' (ABC catalog number 11333).


In case anyone cares, I stumbled across a Mike Kennedy website, but it's in Spanish: