Kirwan, Danny

Band members               Related acts

- Geoff Britton - drums (1975)

- Paul Raymond - keyboards (1975)

- Jim Russell - drums, percussion (1975)

- Andy Sylvester - bass (1975)



Chicken Shack (Paul Raymond and Andy Sylvester)

- Fleetwood Mac (Danny Kirwan)




Genre: rock

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Second Chapter

Company: DJM

Catalog: DJLPA-1

Year: 1975

Country/State: UK

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: gatefold sleeve; minor edge and corner wear (no sticker on our copy of the LP)

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4504

Price: $10.00

Cost: $66.00


I won't even try to figure out why singer/guitarist Danny Kirwan's first LP was entitled "Second Chapter" - perhaps because it came in the wake of his having been fired from Fleetwood Mac?  Beats me.


I always thought Kirwan (along with Christine McVie) was responsible for some of the early-1970s Fleetwood Mac's best material, but here he shows the true scope of his talent.  Produced by Martin Rushent and backed by Chicken Shack's Paul Raymond and Andy Sylvester, the quality and diversity of his debut is quite a surprise.  The lead-off country-rocker 'Ram Jam City' is simply great, while 'Odds and Ends' is a country song I can actually listen to.  Standout tracks are the pretty acoustic ballad 'Lovely Day' and the mildly country flavored 'Falling In Love with You'.  Sure, the set isn't perfect.  Kirwan's penchant for overly sweet pop ballads such as 'Hot Summer Day', Love Can Always Bring You Happiness'' and the title track gets old after awhile. The other complaint is that except for a brief segment in the pretty ballad 'Cascades' Kirwan's impressive guitar is all but absent from the album.  Certainly a solid way to start a solo career and it's far more impressive than most of the Fleetwood Mac alumni solo efforts,  though sadly Kirwan wasn't able to keep up the momentum on subsequent releases.         


"Second Chapter" track listing:

(side 1)

1.) Ram Jam City   (Danny Kirwan) - 

2.) Odds and Ends   (Danny Kirwan) - 

3.) Hot Summer Day   (Danny Kirwan) - 

4.) Mary Jane   (Danny Kirwan) - 

5.) Skip a Dee Doo   (Danny Kirwan) - 

6.) Love Can Always Bring You Happiness   (Danny Kirwan) - 


(side 2)

1.) Second Chapter   (Danny Kirwan) - 

2.) Lovely Days   (Danny Kirwan) - 

3.) Falling In Love with You   (Danny Kirwan) - 

4.) Silver Streams   (Danny Kirwan) - 

5.) Cascades   (Danny Kirwan) -