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- Walty Anselmo -- lead guitar, sitar, backing vocals (1969-)

- Dude Durst -- drums, percussion, backing vocals (1969-)

- Hardy Happ - vocals, keybaords, violin (1969-)

- Terry Stevens -- bass, guitar, vocals (1969-)

- Mojo Weidell - harmonica, flute, percussion (1969-)




- Hardy Happ (solo efforts)






Genre: rock

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Krokidil

Company: Bellaphon

Catalog: BI 15187

Year: 1976

Country/State: Switzerland, UK

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: German pressing

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5234

Price: $50.00


Record dealers routinely label these guys as Kraturockers, which is both technically and musically incorrect since the majority of the members (lead guitarist Walty Anselmo, drummer Dude Durst, singer/keyboardist  Hardy Happ, and harmonica player Mojo Weidell) were actually Swiss, with bassist Terry Stevens being English.  Beyond that, anyone expecting to hear typical Krautrock progressive moves and experimentation is liable to be deeply disappointed by the band's blues-rock base.  


In case you didn't already figure it out, the band name translated into 'crocodile'.   Formed in 1969, the band's roots were actually in the blues-rock genre, with at least a couple of references drawing comparisons to The Groundhogs.


A decent posthumous compilation, 1977's cleverly titled "Krokodile" pulled together six band-penned original selections from their earlier catalog.  Musically it wasn't half bad, tracks like 'Talking World War III Blues' and 'Two To Twelf' showcasing lead singer Happ's craggy accented 'talk-sing' voice and the band's blues-rock roots.  Happ's half spoken performances were kind of an acquired taste, though the rest of the band was normally able to generate enough energy to overlook his limitations ('There You Stand Entangled').  Elsewhere Happ occasionally sounded a bit like a German Dylan - check out the pretty ballad 'Little Girl').  Interestingly these guys were capable of far more commercial fair  with 'All I Ever Wanted'  showcasing a slice of west coast-influenced jangle rockers that was really good.  Decent place to start with their catalog ...


"Krokidil" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Talking World War III Blues   (Krokodil) - 4:37

2.) All I Ever Wanted   (Krokodil) - 5:00

3.) There You Stand Entangled    (Krokodil)- 7:10


(side 2)
1.) Little Girl   (Krokodil) - 5:48

2.) Two To Twelf   (Krokodil) - 5:30

3.) That's All Right, Mama   (Krokodil) - 4:51