Led Zeppelin

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- John Bonham - drums, percussion

- John Paul Jones - bass

- Jimmy Page - lead guitar

- Robert Plant - vocals






Genre: rock

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  In Through the Out Door

Company: Swan Song

Catalog: SS-16002

Year: 1979

Country/State: UK

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: includes original outer cover and inner sleeve

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4686

Price: $20.00



Produced by Jimmy Page, given the time required to complete the recording sessions, 1979's "In Through the Out Door" was apparently a difficult album to record.  As a fan I recall being less than overwhelmed by the set when it originally came out and over the years I simply haven't played it very often.  Having said that, I recently played the album for the first time in probably a decade and have to admit that it's far better than I recalled.  While the set has it's share of trademarked rockers ('In the Evening' and 'I'm Gonna Crawl'), elsewhere the album's  far more experimental and diverse than your standard Zeppelin offering (including the widespread use of synthesizers (check out 'Carouselambra), giving it a unique appeal within the band's catalog.  The only real throwaway is the country-flavored 'Hot Dog'.  Personal favorites include 'Fool In the Rain'    Elsewhere Swan Song tapped 'Fool In The Rain' b/w 'Hot Dog' (Swan Song catalog number SS71003) as a single.  For you completists and Zeppelinastics the album was originally released with six different covers, each showing a different perspective of the same picture (a man sitting at a bar).  All six were originally packaged in a plain brown cover so you didn't know which one you were getting until you opened it up.


In the wake of the album's release the band undertook a European tour and began rehearsing for an American tour.  During those rehearsals Bonham died after engaging in an all day drinking binge after which eh passed out and ended up choking on his own vomit.

"In Through the Out Door" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) In the Evening   (John Paul Jones - Jimmy Page - Robert Plant) - 6:51

2.) South Bound Saurez   (John Paul Jones -  Robert Plant) -4:14

3.) Fool In the Rain   (John Paul Jones - Jimmy Page - Robert Plant) -6:12

4.) Hot Dog   (Jimmy Page - Robert Plant) -3:17

(side 2)

1.) Carouselambra   (John Paul Jones - Jimmy Page - Robert Plant) - 10:34

2.) All My Love   (Jimmy Page - Robert Plant) - 5:56

3.) I'm Gonna Crawl   (John Paul Jones - Jimmy Page - Robert Plant)  - 5:30






Genre: rock

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Knebworth Complete and Uncut

Company: Amazing Stork

Catalog: 4879 AH

Year: 1979

Country/State: UK

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: 4 LP set; minor ring and corner wear to covers; also three small patches on back cover where there's some paper stuck to the label - it can be scraped off

Available: SOLD

GEMM catalog ID: SOLD 5503

Price: SOLD $100.00



Yeah, I'm a Zeppelin fan, but certainly not a fanatic.  If someone gave me tickets for a reunion show, or they were reasonable priced I'm be sure to stand in line.  That said, I have no desire to own every last soundboard recording the band's ever recorded.  Makes it kind of ironic that I own this collection, doesn't it !!!


Recorded at the band's August 4th 1979 performance at the Knebworth Festival, this four LP  21 track set captured virtually the complete concert performance.  For hardcore fans some of the stage patter and audience participation segments were edited out, but that was about it  The sound quality was far from perfect, though you may smile hearing some of the audience comments and out-of-tune sing alongs (close your eyes and it was easy to imagine you were standing in the crowd).  One online reference said: "The tape has very little tape hiss. It is very close to the monitors on one side of the stage. The instruments are clear. But because the event is outdoors, the sound is not dynamic."  To be honest, casual fans will have little interest in the set since it did have a tendency to go on and on and on ... 17 minutes of 'No Quarter' was simply deadening.  'Course Page turned in some amazing performances including a blistering 'Achilles Last Stand' (I can remember listening to that before playing soccer in high school) and if you're a major fan this is probably one you'll need for your collection.


"Live Complete and Uncut" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) The Song Remains The Same - 5:09 

2.) Celebration Day - 3:09 

3.) Black Dog - 5:06 

4.) Nobody's Fault But Mine - 5:42 

(side 2)

1.) Over The Hills And Far Away - 5:51 

2.) Misty Mountain Hop - 4:32 

3.) Since I've Been Loving You - 8:14


(side 3)

1.) The Rain Song - 7:21 

2.)  White Summer

3.) Black Mountain Side -  6:32 

4.) Kashmir - 8:47 

(side 4)

1.) Trampled Underfoot - 6:58 

2.) Sick Again - 5:06 

3.) Achilles Last Stand - 9:00 


(side 5)

1.) Guitar Solo -  7:12 

2.) In The Evening - 6:51 

3.) Hot Dog - 3:13


(side 6)

1.) No Quarter - 17:26


(side 7)

1.) Ten Years Gone - 7:07 

2.) Stairway To Heaven - 9:28 


(side 8)

1.) Rock And Roll - 3:47 

2.) Whole Lotta Love - 7:11 

3.) Heartbreaker - 5:57