Liberman, Jeff

Band members               Related acts

- Jeff Liberman -- vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar,

  percussion, bass

- Phillip Uptemple -- bass

- Dan Lomas -- synthesizers, bass, horns

- Thomas Radlock -- drums, percussion




- none known





Genre: rock

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Solitude Within

Company: Librah

Catalog: JL-6969

Year: 1975

Country/State: Flossmoor, Illinois

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: cut out hole top left corner

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4991

Price: $250.00



I wasn't real sure what to expect from this one since folks seem to love it, or hate it ...  very few of the reviews I've seen are lukewarm.


With that in mind I'm happy to report that I fall into the pro-Jeff Liberman camp.  While 1975's "Solitude Within" may not be the most original effort in my collection, Liberman showed himself to be an excellent and extremely versatile guitarist who was equally at home on hard rock ('Rock or Roll Me'),  jazz-rock, blues ('The Same Old Blues') and even a little out-and-out experimentation (the instrumental 'Myopic Euphoria').  While the focus was clearly on Liberman's guitar chops, exemplified by tracks like the leadoff rocker 'I Can't Change' and 'Life Is Just a Show' he had one of those gravely voices that was surprisingly well suited to a wide array of genres.  Imagine Robin Trower (another reviewer used Alvin Lee as a comparison), but with a voice and less of a Hendrix fixation and you'd be in the right aural neighborhood.  While psych and rock fans might not be enthused by Liberman's jazz-rock excursions, I actually found stuff  like the instrumental Santana-esque title track and 'Springtime' to be a nice change of pace.  


Liberman's still an active musician, though he seems to have pursued a jazzier approach with his more recent releases.  He has a small website at:


"Solitude Within" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) I Can't Change   (Jeff Lieberman) - 

2.) Springtime (instrumental)   (Jeff Lieberman) - 

3.) Rock or Roll Me (instrumental)   (Jeff Lieberman) - 

4.) Life Is Just a Show   (Jeff Lieberman) - 

5.) Myopic Euphoria (instrumental)   (Jeff Lieberman) - 

(side 2)
1.) Woman   (Jeff Lieberman) - 

2.) Solitude Within (instrumental)   (Jeff Lieberman) - 

3.) Soft and Tasty (instrumental)   (Jeff Lieberman) - 

4.) The Same Old Blues (instrumental)   (Jeff Lieberman) - 

5.) Transition   (Jeff Lieberman) - 





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