Cover Artist Title Label Catalog Year Cover LP Price

A-440 Ulysses - The Greek Suite 20th Century Fox TC2-1101 1973 VG VG $20.00
Weird, double album progressive concept set ....  Getting harder to find, especially in this condition.

A's, The A Woman's Got the Power Arista 19554-1 1981 VG VG $8.00
Classic Philadelphia new wave/pop outing.  Think it's their final LP ...

ABBA ABBA Live Atlantic SD-81675 1978 VG VG $6.00

Abstracts, The The Abstracts Pompeii SD 6002 1972 VG VG $20.00

Aesops Fables In Due Time Cadet Concept LPS-323 1969 VG VG $50.00

Afrique Soul Makossa Mainstream MRL 394 1973 VG+ VG+ $100.00

Afterglow Afterglow MTA MTS-5010 1967 VG VG $180.00

Agape Gospel Hard Rock Mark MHS 2179 1971 VG VG $150.00

AJ Last Song First Side Black Walnut BW-3001 1973 NM NM $80.00

Alexander Rabbit The Hunchback of Notre Dame (The Bells Were My Friends) Mercury SR-61291 1969 VG VG $20.00

Alive 'n Kickin' Akive 'n Kickin' Roulette SR 42052 1972 VG+ VG+ $30.00

Allman, Duane An Anthology Capricorn 2CP-0108 1972 VG VG $20.00

Amazing Blondel England Island SW-9327 1973 VG VG $15.00

Amazing Blondel Blondel Island SMAS-9339 1874 VG VG $20.00

Ambrose Slade Ballzy Fontana SRF- 67598 1969 VG VG $80.00

America Silent Letter Capitol SO-11950 1979 VG VG $5.00

America Alibi Capitol SO-12098 1980 VG VG $5.00

American Blues American Blues Do There Own Thing Uni 73044 1969 VG VG $100.00

American Flyer American Flyer United Artists UALA 650 1976 VG VG $15.00

American Flyer Spirit of a Woman United Artists UALA 720 1977 VG VG $15.00

American Revolution American Revolution Flick City FLS 45,002 1968 VG VG $35.00

Animals, The The Best of the Animals MGM E-4324 1967 VG VG $7.00

Animals, The The Best of Eric Burden and the Animals Volume 2 MGM SE-4454 1967 VG VG $10.00

Animals, The Every One of Us MGM SE 4553 1968 VG VG $20.00

Animated Egg Animated Egg Alshire AL 5104 1967 VG+ VG+ $100.00

Anthem Anthem Buddah BDS 5071 1970 G+ VG $10.00

Aorta Aorta Columbia CS-9785 1969 VG VG $80.00

Apple Pie and Motherhood Band Apple Pie and Motherhood Band Atlantic SD-8189 1968 VG VG $20.00

Apple Pie and Motherhood Band Apple Pie Atlantic SD-8233 1969 VG VG $20.00
Their second and slightly harder to find album ...

Appletree Theatre Playback Verve Forecast FTS-3042 1968 VG VG $90.00
Overlooked slice of classic American psych ... 

ARS Nova ARS Nova Elektra EKS-5002 1967 VG VG $20.00
For some reason this Baroque-rock outfit has yet to attract the type of fanaticism many of it's competitors have in collectors' circles.  Good for you since you can still get your hands on a copy without having to sell blood plasma.

Art Supernatural Fairy Tales Island 88 395 ET 1967 VG VG $85.00
Classic UK psych that should be in most people's collections.  This is a latter issue German pressing, hence the fact you can have it for well under the price of a UK original.

Art of Lovin' Art of Lovin' Mainstream S/6113 1968 VG VG $200.00
One of the handful of "must own" psych LPs on the sought after Mainstream label.

Ashkan In from the Cold Sire/London SES 97017 1969 VG VG $110.00
Simply one of our favorite progressive albums ... and there aren't too many of them.

Assembled Multitude, The The Assembled Multitude Atlantic SD-8262 1970 VG VG $5.00
The late Tom Peters was an interesting character.  This is mostly MOR covers of rock classics so it won't appeal to most of you, but who knows.

Association, The Goodbye Columbus Warner Brothers 1786 1969 VG VG $10.00
If you're an Association fan you'll want to take a look at this pseudo-obscurity.  There's a lot of film soundtrack filler, but a couple of decent true songs (including the title track hit).

Atlantis Philharmonic, The The Atlantis Philharmonic Dharma D-516 1974 NM NM $80.00
This one has legions of fans who swear by it.  Guess we just don't get it.  We'll let our copy go for far less than what it cost us ...

Aum Bluesvibe Sire 97007 1969 VG VG $25.00
Excellent late 1960s guitar rock ...  Wayne Ceballos was every bit as good as some of his better known competitors.  The guy should have been a major star. 

Aum Resurrection Fillmore  F 30002 1969 VG VG $20.00
Wayne Ceballos' second LP.  A little bit of religious influence here, but more than enough stunning guitar to make it worth the investment ...

Automatic Man Automatic Man Island ILPS-9397 1976 VG VG $6.00
Kind of a mystery why this one hasn't attracted an audience.  It's got killer guitar and some great progressive-cum-rock moves that should have made these guys stars ...

Automatic Man Visitor Island ILPS-9492 1977 VG VG $6.00
Their second and final LP ...  new line up and the sound's a tad more progressive in nature.

Autumn People Autumn People Sountech SO -3020 1976 VG VG $250.00
What?  Progressive moves out of Phoenix, Arizona?  Yeap, and not bad at that!

Bag, The Real Decca DL 75057 1969 VG VG $35.00
Rather obscure New York based blue-eyed soul outfit.  Not quite as commercial as The Young Rascals, but should appeal to the same folks.  Just sold a copy to the cousin of one of the original band members ...

Big Star Radio City Ardent ADS-1501 1974 VG VG $45.00
You can argue this is Big Star's best album ... You can actually make a good argument that this is the best rock album to ever come out of Memphis !!!

Eastfield Meadows Eastfield Meadows VMC VS131 1968 VG+ VG+ $120.00
Decent country-rock set from the California  that released The David's "Another Day" (one of our favorite mid-1960s psych LPs.

Friendsound Joyride RCA Victor LPS-4114 1969 VG VG $50.00
Given how psychy this set is, it's hard to believe that this is a couple of Paul Revere and the Raiders alumni ....

Fugitives, The On the Run with the Fugitives Justice 141 1966 VG VG $350.00
One of the top- 5 released on the highly sought after Justice label.  These guys do their native Richmond, Virginia proud !!!

Green To Help Somebody ATCO SD 33-366 1971 VG VG $20.00
We'll be the first to tell you that this one's not as good as the criminally overlooked debut.  That said, it isn't half bad Texas-rock.

Idle Race Birthday Liberty LST-7603 1968 VG VG $75.00
Classic UK album that should be in every collector's portfolio !

Isley Brothers, The Givin' It Back T-Neck TNS 3008 1971 VG VG+ $20.00
Interesting change in musical direction for these soulsters ...  They'd clearly been listing to lots of CSN&Y.

Isley Jasper Isley Different Drummer CBS Associated AL 40409 1987 VG VG $9.00
Their final collaboration isn't perfect, but certainly has some nice moments on it.

Legend, The The Legend Megaphone S-101 1968 VG VG $100.00
Rather rare and little known mid-1960s L.A.-based outfit.  Most dealers show it as a psych effort.  It ain't. Rather conventional, but enjoyable pop/rock moves.  No idea whether these guys really had any link to Dragonfly (on the same label).

Left Banke, The Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina Smash SRS-67088 1967 VG VG $25.00
Classic slice of Baroque-pop.  Worth the admission price just for the title track songs.

Left Banke, The The Left Banke Too Smash SRS-67113 1968 VG VG $80.00
Far rarer than the debut and actually just as good.  Plus you get to hear a young Teve Tyler (of Aerosmith fame) at work ...

Lemon Dips, The Who's Gonna Buy? The Lemon Dips DeWolfe DW/LP 3114 1969 VG+ VG+ $350.00
Fantastic UK "library" record.  Probably the best psych offering by this sought after label.

McDonald, Michael That Was Then, The Early Recordings of Michael McDonald Arista ABM-2006 1982 VG VG $50.00
Nice and relative hard to find compilation of his pre-Steely Dan/pre-Doobie Brothers solo work.

Moore, Tim Tim Moore A Small Records Company SRS 10001 1975 VG VG $8.00
Lots of folks think he's hot stuff ...  I must be missing the point.

Napoleons, Les Les Napoleons a Go-Go Passe Temps PST-017 1966 VG VG $175.00
One of the best mid-1960s garage rock sets to come out of Canada.  Sure, the lyrics are in French, but this thing rocks harder than 90% of their Anglo-competitors.

National Gallery, The Performing Musical Interpretations of Paul Klee Philips PHS 600-266 1969 VG VG $75.00
This obscurity gets 4 stars from us ...  Forget the dumb ass, pompous title since the results make for a simply mesmerizing set of psych-oriented material.  One of our favorite recent purchases.. 

Navasota Rootin' ABC ABCX-757 1972 VG VG $35.00
We'd been looking for this one based on the fact Walter Becker and Donald Fagen were involved in the project.  The pair wrote a track and contributed a couple of arrangements making for an interesting set of early-1970s rock ...

Nazca Line Outer Space Connection Nazca Productions


1979 VG VG $250.00
Excellent Ohio-based rock set ... hard to believe the story that it was actually recorded in a barn-cum-studio setting.

Nelson, Tracy Tracy Nelson Atlantic SD 7310 1974 VG VG $6.00

Nelson, Tracy Time Is On My Side MCA MCA-2203 1976 VG VG $8.00

Novells, The That Did It! Mother MRS-73 1968 VG+ VG+ $100.00
This one tends to get lukewarm reviews which is unfortunate since it's far better than scores of higher priced supposed psych classics.  

Oldham, Spooner Pot Luck Family FPS-2703 1972 VG VG $100.00
Oldham's far better known for his work as a songwriter (along with partner Dan Penn) and as an in-demand keyboard player who's supported hundreds of acts ranging from Aretha Franklin to Neil Young !!!

Oldham, Spooner Pot Luck Family FPS-2703 1972 VG VG $100.00
Second copy of this obscurity ...

Orphan Egg Orphan Egg Carol CARS-5004 1968 VG VG $100.00
Wonderful set of mid-1960s California psych ...  easily as good as some of the megabuck rarities that are being hyped by collectors.

Osmonds, The The Osmonds MGM SE--4724 1971 VG VG $5.00

Persuaders, The Thin Line Between Love and Hate Win or Lose SD 33-387 1972 VG VG $25.00
If there's such a thing as a lost "classic" soul album, then this is a prime candidate for the title.  The stunning title track with Douglas Scott's anguished vocal is enough to warrant the investment ... 

Pickett, Wilson The Wicked Pickett Atlantic 8138 1966 VG VG $35.00
One of the top 5 all time classic soul albums ...  Pickett's seldom been as on fire as this one.  Mono copy to boot !!!

Plastic Penny Two Sides of a Penny Page One POLS 005 1968 VG VG+ $150.00
Another rarity in that it's a progressive set that we actually like.  Hard to find in any condition, let alone one as nice as this.

Porter, David Victim of the Joke Enterprise $75.00
I think Porter's released four studio sets ...  This is the rarest of the lot and the best.  Original pressing with the die cut cover.

Radner, Gilda (RIP) Gilda Radner Live from New York Warner Brothers HS-3220 1979 NM NM $7.00
Probably the funniest solo venture by any of the original Saturday Night Live cast - that is until you remember that she's no longer with us.

Rainbow After the Storm GNP Crescendo GNPS-2049 196 VG VG $80.00
Wish we'd been able to dig up some more information on this outfit since their debut is a first rare mix of rock and psych moves.

Ram Where? (In Conclusion) Polydor PD-5013 1969 NM NM $80.00
It's probably only a matter of time before this one starts to attract attention in collector's circles ...  Fantastic New York-based progressive outfit who actually knew how to write songs that had melodies and could even rock out ...

Ramases (RIP) Gkass Top Coffin Vertigo 6360 115 1975 VG VG $50.00
A personal favorite ... Second LP by the late UK central heating salesman-turned-rock star.   Geez, come to think of it I may not even sell this one when push comes to shove.

Redding, Otis (RIP) The Immortal Otis Redding ATCO SD 33-252 1968 VG+ VG+ $10.00
Most posthumous LPs suck.  This is an exception to the rule.  Collecting a mix of earlier songs and material recorded shortly before his death, the Steve Cropper produced collection is a great addition to the Redding catalog.

Revere, Paul (& the Raiders) In the Beginning Jerd3n 7004 1966 VG VG $30.00
This pulls together some of the band's earliest material.  It's never less than interesting, though probably won't be of interest to anyone other than die hard Raiders fans ...

Revere, Paul (& the Raiders) Midnight Ride Columbia CS 9308 1967 VG- VG $10.00

Revere, Paul (& the Raiders) Hard 'n' Heavy (with Marshmallow) Columbia CS-9753 1967 VG- VG $5,00

Ryder, Mitch Detroit-Memphis Experiment Dot DLP-25693 1969 VG VG $30.00
Even though it's billed as a Mitch Ryder LP, for all intents and purposes this is a collaboration with guitarist/producer Steve Cropper.  It may sound like an odd paring, but the results are wonderful.  Another personal favorite !

Sarofeen and Smoke Sarofeen and Smoke GWP ST-2029 1970 NM NM $50.00
Kind of an interesting early-1970s obscurity ...  Can't say that we totally love this one, but namesake Sarofeen has an interesting voice.

Satterfield, Esther The Need To Be A&M SP-3411 1976 VG VG SOLD
I knew I'd heard this voice before, but it wasn't until I started to research the LP that I knew where.  She does have one of those special voices, though it's a shame she's applied it to what is fairly MOR material ...

Savoy Brown Make Me Sweat GNP Crescendo GNPS-2193 1980 NM NM $10.00
Early 1980s Savoy Brown should appeal to anyone who liked mid-1960s Savoy Brown, or 1970s Savoy Brown ...

Schwartz, Bernie The Wheel CoBurt CO-1001 1970 VG VG $50.00

Screams, The The Screams Infinity INF 9009 1979 VG VG $8.00

Shocking Blue At Home Pink Elephant MLP 15-353 1969 VG VG $40.00

Shocking Blue Shocking Blue Pink Elephant MLP 15-377 1970 VG VG $40.00

Shocking Blue Venus Colossus CS-1000 1970 VG VG $10.00

Spiffys, The The Spiffys '67 none none 1967 VG VG $200.00

Spiffys, The The Spiffys '67 none none 1967 VG VG $200.00

Spirit Spirit Ode Z1244004 1968 VG VG $8.00

Spirit The Family That Plays Together Epic KE 31461 1969 VG VG $8.00

Spirit Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus Epic E 30267 1970 VG VG $8.00

St. James, Rod Has Anyone Seen the Superstar Paula LPS-2218 VG+ VG+ $100.00

Staple Singers, The Swing High Sweet Chariot Vee Jay VJLP 5030 1956 G+ G $15.00

Stark, Peter Mushroom Country Montage none 1976 NM NM $120.00

Stevenson, B.W. Lead Free RCA Victor SP-4794 1972 VG VG $8.00

Stevenson, B.W. My Maria RCA Victor APL1-0088 1973 VG VG $10.00

Stevenson, B.W. We Be Sailin' Warner Brothers BS-2902 1975 VG VG $4.50

Swift Rain Coming Down Hi SHL-32064 1969 VG VG $100.00

T.C. Atlantic Recorded Live at the Bel-Rae Ballroom Dove LP-4459 1968 VG VG $150.00

Them In Reality Happy Tiger HT-1012 1971 VG+ VG+ $200.00

Tripsichord Tripsichord Janus JLS-3016 1971 VG VG $300.00

Wagner, David David Wagner d/b/a Crow Amaret AST-5013 1973 VG- VG $8.00

Washington Apples Fresh Country Apples Delicious RAJ-71 1970 VG VG $200.00

Wildman Fisher An Evening with Wiidman Fisher Bizarre 6332 1968 VG VG $50.00

Williams, Mason Music Warner Brothers 1788 1969 VG VG $10.00

Wonder,Stevie Songs In the Key Of Life Tamla T13-34062 1976 VG VG $20.00

Yama and the Karma Dusters Euphoria Blimp Works Presents Yama and the Karma Dusters Up from the Sewers Manhole #1 1971 VG VG $470.00

Zappa, Frank (RIP) Over-Nite Sensations Discreet MS-2148 1973 VG- VG $7.00


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