Lynyrd Skynyrd

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- Allen Collins - guitar

- Steve Gaines (RIP 1977) - guitar, backing vocals

- Billy Powell - keyboards

- Artimus Pyle - drums

- Gary Rossington - guitar

- Ronnie van Zant (RIP 1977) - vocals

- Leon Wilkinson - bass



- Alias

- The Allen Collins Band

- Steve Gaines (solo efforts)

- The Rossington-Collins Band

- The Artimus Pyle Band

- Rossington

- Vision





Genre: rock

Rating: **** (4 stars)

Title:  Street Survivors

Company: MCA

Catalog: MCA-3029

Year: 1977

Country/State: Alabama, US

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: original recalled 'flame' cover; gatefold sleeve; includes original insert

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4683

Price: $20.00

Cost: $66.00


If you're my age (mid-40s), this is such a bittersweet album.  A freshman in college, I can remember rushing to my local store to buy a copy the day it was officially released.  Using my roommate's throwaway stereo I must have played it dozens of times over the next couple of days.  Then you heard about the fatal plane crash and were left to ponder the ominous cover photo ...


Musically "Street Survivors" may not be the band's creative zenith, but it is one helluva comeback after a couple of water treading releases.  Propelled by Ronnie Van Zant's trademarked growl, the sound is instantly recognizable with Van Zant and company sounding reinvigorated, but also displaying a surprising degree of reflection.  Beyond the stunning cover photo (which MCA promptly recalled, subsequently reissuing the album with a more conventional group picture), material such as 'That Smell' and the beautiful ballad 'One More Time' almost seems to anticipate some tragic event ...  


Three dates into their supporting tour the band's rented prop airplane apparently ran short of fuel and crashed into a Mississippi swamp.  Van Zant and Gaines were both killed (along with band manager Dean Kirpatrick and back-up singer Cassie Gaines).  Guitarist Allen Collins, keyboardist Billy Powell, guitarist Gary Rossington and bassist Leon Wilkinson were all critically injured, though they eventually recovered.


Amid the outpouring of grief the parent album quickly sold platinum, eventually peaking at # 5 on the charts.  Elsewhere 'What's Your Name' b/w 'I Know a Little' (MCA catalog number 40819 ) and 'You Got the Right' b/w 'Ain't No Good Life' (MCA catalog number 40888) were both released as singles.  The former provided the band with a top-15 hit, while the latter went top-70.  

"Street Survivors" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) What's Your Name   (Gary Rossington - Ronnie Van Zant) - 3:30

2.) That Smell   (Allen Collins - Ronnie Van Zant) - 5:48

3.) One More Time   (Gary Rossington - Ronnie Van Zant) - 5:30

4.) I Know a Little   (Steve Gaines) - 3:26


(side 2)
1.) You Got That Right   (Steve Gaines - Ronnie Van Zant) - 3:44

2.) I Never Dreamed   (Steve Gaines - Ronnie Van Zant) - 5:21

3.) Honky Tonk Night Time Man   (Merle Haggard) - 3:59

4.) Ain't No Good Life   (Steve Gaines) - 4:36



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