Moments, The

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- Billy Brown -- lead vocals (replaced Mark Greene)


- Al Goodman -- lead and baritone vocals (1969-79)

- Mark Greene -- lead vocals (1968-69)

- Richard Horsely -- baritone (1968-69)

- Johnny Morgan -- tenor (1968-69)

- Johnny Moore -- tenor vocals (replaced Johnny Morgan 


- Harry Ray (RIP 1992) - lead and tenor vocals (1970-79)





- The Broadways (Billy Brown)

- The Carvettes (Al Goodman)

- Ray, Goodman & Brown

- The Uniques (Billy Brown)

- The Valtairs (Harry Ray)

- The Vipers (Al Goodman)





Genre: soul 

Rating: 2 stars **

Title:  Moments with You

Company: Stang

Catalog: ST-1030

Year: 1976

Country/State: Hackensack, New Jersey

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: still in shrink (opened); gatefold sleeve; small cut out notch along spine

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4990

Price: $10.00



If I'd bothered to read the liner notes on 1976's "Moments with You" there's a good chance I wouldn't have bought this album.  Mind you, it isn't anything against The Moments, rather the fact I'm not a big Carol Sager (aka Carol Bayer Sager) fan and she's responsible for writing, or co-writing about half of the album.


Like so many soul groups, the mid-1970s Moments went on a ballad binge, this set found them in full 'love men' stride.  While there's nothing wrong with a good ballad, there's something particularly cloying about Sager's work and a side full of her sentimental slush doesn't bode well for anyone, not matter how talented they may be.  That's a pretty apt description for the first side of the set which featured four Sager penned ballads.  While 'With You', 'Don't Cry Out', 'I Don't Want To Go' and 'I Could Have Loved You' (sounding like a Smokey Robinson throwaway) were all R&B hits, I can live without them.  Featuring self-penned material, the flip side was far more diverse and enjoyable.  Highlights included the surprisingly funky 'Come In Girl' and 'Running'.  Best of the lot was the insidiously catchy 'Stay'.  It should've been a massive hit for the group.  Stang also tapped the album for a series of four singles:


- 'With You' b/w 'Next Time That I See You' (Stang catalog ST-5068)

- Don't Cry Out' b/w 'Come In Girl' (Stang catalog number ST-5071)

- 'I Don't Want To Go' b/w 'Oh, I Could Have Loved You' (Stang catalog number ST-5073)

- 'I Could Have Loved You' b/w 'Jack In the Box' (Stang catalog number ST-5075)


"Moments with You" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Don't Cry Out   (Carol Sager - Peter Allen) - 

2.) With You   (Carol Sager - Kenneth Thascher) - 

3.) I Could Have Loved You   (Carol Sager - Bruce Roberts - Bette Midler) - 

4.) I Don't Want To Go   (Carol Sager - Bruce Roberts) - 

(side 2)
1.) Come In Girl   (Al Goodman - Walter Morris - Harry Ray) - 

2.) La La La  (Al Goodman - Walter Morris - Harry Ray) - 

3.) Running  (Al Goodman - Walter Morris - Harry Ray) - 

4.) Stay  (Al Goodman - Walter Morris - Harry Ray) - 

5.) Clap Your Hands To the Music  (Al Goodman - Walter Morris - Harry Ray) - 




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