Moore, Tim

Band members               Related acts

- Stefan Gelfand - bass

- Lloyd Hamay Donnelly - bass

- Russ Kunkel - drums

- Nick Jameson - drums

- Howard Johnson - sax

- Tim Moore - vocals, keyboards. guitar, bass

- Roy Markowitz - drums

- Bill McCord - drums

- Bernard Purdie - drums

- Tom Sellers - bass





- DC & The Senators

- Gulliver

- The Muffins

- Woody's Truck Stop





Rating: ** (2 stars)

Title:  Tim Moore

Company: A Small Record Company

Catalog: SRS 10001

Year: 1975

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: small cutout hole in cover

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4117

Price: $8.00

Cost: $1.00

Singer/songwriter Tim Moore's one of those guys whose been around the edges of stardom for years, but never managed to actually claim the spotlight.  His professional career includes classical training, as well asr ecording with DC & the Senators, The Muffins, a pre-Nazz Woody's Truck Stop and even a brief stint with Daryl Hall in Gulliver (see separate entries).


Following the collapse of Gulliver, the early 1970s saw Moore relocate to Woodstock, New York where he focused his attention of songwriting, placing works with a wide range of acts, including Cher and Richie Havens.  


Released in 1975 the cleverly titled "Tim Moore" teamed the artist with producer Nick Jameson (yes, of Foghat fame).  Musically Moore's second solo is a mixed blessing.   Featuring all original material (almost all of the material copywrited in 1972 or 1973), Moore seemed most comfortable with ballads such as "A Fool Like You", "Second Avenue" (which became a hit for Art Garfunkel), "Sister Lilac" and "Love Enough".  While those tracks were pretty and quite commercial, they were also quite MOR-ish - imagine Burton Cummings at his most cloying.  Moore was far more impressive on isolated up-tempo numbers such as the blue-eyed soul "Charmer", the Badfingerish "I Can Almost See the Light" and the rocking "Aviation Man".  Originally released by the Gulf + Western affiliated A Small Record Company, the set was reissued by Asylum and managed to hit # 119 on the album charts.


"Tim Moore" track listing:

(side 1)

1.) A Fool Like You   (Tim Moore) - 3:51

2.) Second Avenue   (Tim Moore) - 4:00

3.) Charmer   (Tim Moore) - 2:51

4.) Sister Lilac   (Tim Moore) - 3:20

5.) High Feeling   (Tim Moore) - 3:19


(side 2)

1.) I Can Almost See the Light   (Tim Moore) - 3:02

2.) Love Enough   (Tim Moore) - 3:10

3.) Aviation Man   (Tim Moore) - 2:49

4.) When You Close Your Eyes   (Tim Moore) - 3:16

5.) I'll Be Your Time   (Tim Moore) - 3:27




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