Moraz, Patrick

Band members               Related acts

- Jean Luc Bourgeois -- percussion (1977)

- Testa Chacal -- percussion (1977)

- Isla Eckinger -- bass (1977)

- Ray Gomez -- guitar (1977)

- Walter Jones -- bass (1977)

- Vivienne McAuliffe -- vocals (1977)

- John McBurnie -- vocals (1977)

- Patrick Moraz -- vocals, keyboards

- Andy Newmark -- drums (1977)

- Jean Ristori -- bass (1977)

- Philippe Staebli -- percussion (1977)

- Francois Zmirou -- vocals (1977)




- Mainhorse

- The Moody Blues

- Refugee

- Yes





Genre: progressive

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Out In the Sun

Company: Charisma

Catalog: IMP 1014

Year: 1977

Country/State: Morgues, Switzerland

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: original inner sleeve; small cut out hole upper right hand corner

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5056

Price: $8.00



Released in the wake of his nasty split with Yes (I still don't understand if he quit or was fired), 1977's "Out In the Sun" was Patrick Moraz's second solo album.  While Moraz produced, conducted the music and handled the set's large array of keyboards and synthesizers, about half of the tracks were co-written with former Jackson Heights singer John McBride. McBride also handled most of the vocal duties. Francois Zmirou sang on 'Love-Hate-Sun-Rain-You' (bad) and Vivienne McAuliffe handled 'Back  To Nature' (okay).  As a result musically this was an album you either loved or hated.  There simply wasn't a lot of room for compromise.  Fans of Moraz's progressive career were probably appalled by the set's surprisingly commercial sheen.  Like Moraz's debut "Story of I", much of the album was recorded in Brazil, giving tracks like 'Rana Batucada'  a modest Latin influence.  At the same time, kicked along by McBride's professional, but rather anonymous voice songs like the title track, 'Nervous Breakdown' and 'Silver Screen' were almost outright pop and not would have sounded out of place on contemporary AOR radio.  In contrast pop fans probably weren't enthralled by stuff like the instrumental 'Kabala' or the suite 'Time for a Change'. 


"Out In the Sun" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Out In the Sun   (Patrick Moraz - John McBurnie) - 

2.) Rana Batucada (instrumental)   (Patrick Moraz) - 

3.) Nervous Breakdown   (Patrick Moraz - John McBurnie) - 

4.) Silver Screen   (Patrick Moraz - John McBurnie) - 

(side 2)
1.) Tentacles   (Patrick Moraz - John McBurnie) - 

2.) Kabala (instrumental)   (Patrick Moraz) - 

3.) Love-Hate-Sun-Rain-You   (Patrick Moraz - Francois Zmirou) - 

4.) Time for a Change   (Patrick Moraz - John McBurnie) - 

     1.) Time To Fly   (Patrick Moraz) -

     2.) Big Bands of Ancient Temples (instrumental)  (Patrick Moraz) -

     3.) Serenade (instrumental)   (Patrick Moraz) -

     4.) Back To Nature   (Patrick Moraz - John McBurnie) -    




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