Music Explosion, The

Band members               Related acts

- Don Atkins - lead guitar (1966-69)
- Bob Avery - drums, percussion (1966-69)
- Jamie Lyons - vocals, percussion (1966-69)
- Rick Nesta - lead guitar (1966-69)
- Burton Sahl - bass, keyboards (1966-69)



- Capitol City Rockets (Jamie Lyons)
- Crazy Elephant (Bob Avery)
- The Jamie Lyons Group (solo efforts)
- Owen-B (Bob Avery)


Genre: garage

Rating: **** (4 stars)

Title:  Little Bit O'Soul

Company: Laurie

Catalog: LLP 2040

Year: 1967

Country/State: Mansfield, Ohio

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: bullet hole lower right; mono pressing

Available: 1

GEMM Catalog ID: not yet listed

Price: $70.00


In early 1967 thousands of young kids were forming rock and roll bands convinced they had the talents required to be the next big thing. That was the case for five kids from Mansfield, Ohio. As The Music Explosion vocalist Jamie Lyons, guitarists Don Atkins and Rick Nesta, drummer Bob Avery and bassist/keyboard player Burton Sahl began writing material and practicing in hopes of scoring a recording contract. During rehearsals they began covering "Little Bit O' Soul" a song written by John Carter and Ken Lewis of The Ivy League. Later in the year, the group won a recording contract with the small local Attack label. Their first release was the single "Stay By My Side" b/w "Little Black Egg". Although the debut and a follow up single "Road Runner" b/w "Sunshine Games" both failed to sell, they attracted the attention of producers Elliott Chiprut, Jeff Katz and Jerry Kasenetz who arranged for Laurie Records to buy out the group's contract. Selected as their label debut, the single "Little Bit O'Soul" b/w "I See the Light" quickly began generating national attention, leading Laurie to rush the band into the studio to record a supporting album.

Recorded at a frantic pace, the Katz, Kasenetz and Chiprut produced "Little Bit O'Soul" proved surprisingly impressive for what was intended as a throwaway project. Showcasing Lyons' tart voice, the band displayed considerable energy kicking their way through a high energy set of garage tunes such as "I See the Light", " Can't Stop Now", "Everybody" and "Love, Love, Love, Love, Love" (which came off as a blatant "Hey Bo Didley" cop). Among the few missteps were the kazoo laced "Good Time Feeling" (guess everyone had to do a jug band song) and a needless cover of ? and the Mysterians' "96 Tears". Interestingly, to our ears this set is far better than many other so-called classic garage sets ... It also stands as one of the best things Katz and Kasenetz every laid their hands on. (We've always wondered why the liner notes didn't include writing credits. Anyone know if this was something unique to Laurie?)  Propelled by the title track the parent LP eventually hit # 178.

"Little Bit O'Soul" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Little Bit O'Soul (John Carter - Ken Lewis) - 2:18
2.) I See the Light - 2:30
3.) Everybody - 2:25
4.) Love, Love, Love, Love, Love - 2:44
5.) Good Time Feeling - 2:35
6.) 96 Tears - 2:35

(side 2)

1.) Can't Stop Now - 2:46
2.) Let Yourself Go - 2:31
3.) Patches Dawn - 2:27
4.) One Potato Two - 3:07
5.) What Did I Do To Deserve Such a Fate - 2:23
6.) (Hey) La, La, La - 2:05

Although the band scored one minor follow up hit with 1967's "Sunshine Games" b/w "Can't Stop Now" they were never able to reconcile their earlier success and by early 1969 had called it quits.


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