Buddy Odor Stop, The

Band members               Related acts

- Ruud Bos -- horns

- Peter Calicher -- keyboards

- Jan Cees Tans -- sax

- Ernst Glerum -- double bass 

- Barry Hay -- vocals

- Huub Janssen -- percussion

- Fred Leeflang -- horns

- Max Mollinger - drums, backing vocals

- Robert Jan Stips -- keyboards

- Bert Terlaak -- drums

- Meike Touw -- vocals

- Gerard van Dooren -- bass

- Josee van Iersel -- vocals 

- Hans Vandenburg (aka Hans Van Defruits) -- guitar,

  backing vocals 

- Eric Wehrmeyer -- bass 




- Gruppo Sportivo

- Pan (Peter Calicher)

- Meike Touw (solo efforts)

- The Tweeters (Meike Touw and Josee van Iersel)

- Leo Unger Group (Hans Vandenburg)

- Hans Vandenburg's Commercial Break





Genre: comedy

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Buddy Odor Is a Gas

Company: Ariola

Catalog: ARL 5045

Year: 1979

Country/State: The Hague, Holland

Grade (cover/record): VG+ / VG+

Comments: was sealed; opened to play (still in shrink wrap); UK pressing; with lyric insert

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5032

Price: $10.00


Since they share many of the same performers I gather this is an offshoot of the Dutch group Gruppo Sportivo ...  Who?  Yeah I understand.  For some weird reason I picked this album up thinking that it was some kind of Firesign Theater offshoot ... so much for my rock and roll insight!


Gruppo Sportivo itself came together out of two Hague-based bands.  Guitarist Hans Vandenburg and vocalists Meike Touw and Josee Van Iersel were in one outfit while keyboardist Peter Calicher, drummer Max Mollinger, bassist Eric Wehrmeyer in another.  The six started collaborating in 1976, eventually attracting the attention of Golden Earring's Barry Hay and Robert Jans Stips who helped them score a contract with Philips.  Hay also produced their debut single 'Out There In the Jungle' b/w 'I Can't Stop Loving You' (Philips catalog number 2050434).  


1979's "Buddy Odor Is a Gas" was actually marketed as a Hans Vandenburg solo effort, but for all intents and purposes served as Gruppo Sportivo's third set.   Co-produced by R.J. Stips and Vandenburg the album offered up a weird mixture of new wave, pop and comedy moves (much of it performed with a distinctive Dutch accent).  Material like 'Buddy Odor Is a Gas!' and '(Gimme That) Lipstick' reminded me a little of Flash In the Pan with an accent.  In contrast 'Teardrops and Two Broken Hearts' sported a retro-1950s feel.  The flip side sported a totally different vibe, largely forsaking their rock moves for a pseudo-jazzy feel showcasing Touw and van Iersel on vocals (though with the same weird lyrics).  To be honest the first couple of times I played the album it didn't exactly jump out at me - I can say the same thing about most British humor.  Ultimately the set does start to reveal some of its charm, though part of it may stem from these guys were simply a bunch of dweebs. Elsewhere long time mentor Hay co-wrote 'If I were You'.  


For fanatics, a pair of Dutch singles were pulled from the album:


- 1979's 'Buddy Odor Is a Gas' b/w 'I Love You Madly' (Ariola catalog number 101137)

- 1980's 'Lock Yourself Up' b/w 'Teardrops and Two Broken Hearts' (Ariola catalog number 101297)


"Buddy Odor Is a Gas" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Buddy Odor Is a Gas!  (Van DeFruits) - 

2.) (Gimme That) Lipstick  (Van DeFruits) - 

3.) Redskins  (Van DeFruits) - 

4.) Lock Yourself Up  (Van DeFruits) - 

5.) I Want It Now  (Van DeFruits) - 

6.) If I were You  (Van DeFruits - Barry Hay) - 

7.) Teardrops and Two Broken Hearts   (Van DeFruits) - 


(side 2)
1.) Pop for Jazzholes  (Van DeFruits) - 

2.) I Love You Madly  (Van DeFruits - Meike Touw) - 

3.) Cats Hiss  (Van DeFruits) - 

4.) For Pim  (Van DeFruits) - 

5.) It Feels So Good  (Van DeFruits) - 

6.) Men  (Van DeFruits) - 

7.) My Little Man and I  (Van DeFruits - Meike Touw) - 

8.) Jazz It Up!  (Van DeFruits) -