Orange Colored Sky

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- Tony Barry - vocals
- Michael Chanslor - keyboards (1997-)
- Ernie Hernandez - vocals, guitar (1970-80, 94-)
- Harold Little - vocals, drums
- Neal Myers - guitar, backing vocals
- Larry Parker - vocals, bass (1974-80, 94-)
- Jack Skinner - vocals, bass
- Walter Slivinski - keyboards
- Larry Younger - vocals (-99)
- Vinnie Younger - 


- none known


Rating: ** (2 stars)

Title:  Orange Colored Sky

Company: Uni

Catalog: 73031

Year: 1968

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: minor ring and edge wear; small bullet hole lower right side

Available: 1

Price: $40.00


Popular music has always been a characterized by a pattern where someone comes along with a new sound that captures the public's imagination (and pocketbook) and which is then aped by a slew of imitators. In this case, for better or worse the L.A.-based Orange Colored Sky seem to have taken their cues from The Association.

Singer Larry Younger and brother Vinnie formed The Fabulous Epics while living in Erie, Pennsylvania. By the mid-'60s the band had opted for a new moniker (The Younger Brothers), as well as shifting their base of operations to New York where they quickly won a slot as house band at The Peppermint Lounge. Early the next year the band opted to relocate to California. Hitting the L.A. club circuit, they quickly attracted the attention of Universal which signed them to a contract, along with a brief cameo in the Don Knotts film "The Love God".

At Universal's insistence they adopted a "cooler' name, 1968's "Orange Colored Sky" teaming the sextet with producer Norman Ratner. Fronted by singer Larry Younger (though keyboardist Walter Slivinski was credited with penning all 11 tracks), the set bore more than a passing resemblance to harmony groups such as The Association and Gordian Knot. Sporting three lead singers in Tony Barry, Jack Skinner and Younger, exemplified by material such as "The Shadows of Summer" (love the cheesy ocean sound effects), "Sometimes (I Wish I Didn't Love You)", "Everyday I Love You More" and the vaudevilles "I'm Taking Her To Dinner" the collection was full of sparkling harmony rich and heavily orchestrated, radio-friendly pop. Personal favorite - the glistening homage to their hometown "L.A. (Los Angeles)". Depending on how you felt about the genre, it was either mildly entertaining, or thoroughly nauseating. On a personal note, we've always been curious why the set's been lumped under the psych banner. With the possible exception of "Just Like Humpty Dumpty" the results were pure pop.

"Orange Colored Sky" track listing:
1.) The Sun and I (Walter Slivinski) - 2:45
2.) The Shadows of Summer (Walter Slivinski) - 3:45
3.) Knowing How I Love You (Walter Slivinski) - 3:13
4.) Just Like Humpty Dumpty (Walter Slivinski) - 2:55
5.) I'm Taking Her To Dinner (Walter Slivinski) - 2:32
6.) Sometimes (I Wish I Didn't Love You) (Walter Slivinski) - 2:22
7.) Everyday I Love You More (Walter Slivinski) - 3:25
8.) L.A. (Los Angeles) (Walter Slivinski) - 3:55
9.) Girl of My Dreams (Walter Slivinski) - 2:41
10.) Orange Colored Sky (Walter Slivinski) - 2:55

The band managed to release a pair of non-LP 45s ("Another Sky" b/w "Happiness Is" and "Sweet Potato" b/w "The Sun and I") before sinking into MOR obscurity. 

Undergoing a string of personnel changes, though the early-'80s the band found a home on the Las Vegas and Tahoe casino circuit, opening for such heavy metal acts as Burt Bacharach and Frank Sinatra. In 1994 Younger, guitarist Ernie Hernandez and bassist Larry Parker reformed the band. In 1997 they added keyboardist Michael Chanslor to the line up. Two years later Younger dropped out of the band, though Chanslor, Hernandez and Parker have retained the band name and continue to perform at casinos, conferences and other events throughout the Southwest.