Pink Lady

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- Mitsuyo "Mie" Nemoto - vocals

- Keko "Kei" Masuda - vocals




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Genre: pop

Rating: ** (2 stars)

Title:  Pink Lady

Company: Elektra

Catalog: 6E 209

Year: 1977

Country/State: Japan

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: gatefold sleeve; cut out notch along bottom

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 1415

Price: $30.00

Cost: $1.00


Here's a weird one ... Billed as Pink Lady (the name came from a Japanese alcoholic drink), Mitsuyo "Mie" Nemoto and Keko "Kei" Masuda were discovered when they took part in Star Tanjo (a Japanese television Star Search-styled talent show). Cute and modestly talented, by the mid-'70s they were one of Japan's biggest pop acts, having rung up a stunning streak of 10 hit singles and sold millions of records (as well as a hawking a huge list of commercial endorsements) 

God only knows why (perhaps hoping to replicate the late-'70s successes enjoyed by Honda and Toyota), radio programmer Paul Drew somehow convinced executives at Elektra that the pair of Japanese cuties might score big in the States. Elektra agreed and Kie and Mei were quickly teamed with veteran producer Michael Lloyd. While the pair proved cute and sweet (nice legs), judging by anonymous quasi-dance material such as "Strangers When We Kiss", "Love Countdown", and their cover of the Alessi Brothers' "Dancing In the Halls of Love", their musical talents proved minimal. Image a cross between ABBA, muzak, and Silver Convention and you'll get a feel for their basic sound. To be truthful, the women deserved at least a nod of acknowledgement for having the courage to go through with this endeavor. Forced to sing the English lyrics phonetically, the pair were also forced to fight their way through amazingly ham fisted disco arrangements, as well as waves of overpowering backing singers ("Show Me the Way To Love"). Given those obstructions they managed to turn in some halfway decent performances (ABBA certainly sang with heavier accents). You also had to admire their willingness to take on some oddball selections - notably The Left Banke's "Walk Away Renee" and a weird discofied cover of the Tom Jones lounge piece "Love Me Tonight". Released as a single "Kiss In the Dark" b/w "" (Elektra catalog number 46040), somehow managed to go top-40. Unfortunately, while they were more than willing to purchase Japanese cars and stereo equipment, American consumers refused to have anything to do with the parent album, "Pink Lady" peaking at a dismal #203. (The album was originally released with a gatefold sleeve.)

"Pink Lady" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Kiss In the Dark
2.) Dancing In the Halls of Love
3.) Show Me the Way To Love
4.) Walk Away Renee
5.) Strangers When We Kiss

(side 1)

1.) Love Me Tonight
2.) I Want To Give You My Everything
3.) Deeply
4.) Give Me Your Love
5.) Love Countdown

Even though their album vanished without a trace, an appearance on a Lief Garrett television special brought Kei and Mei to the attention of NBC television president Fred Silverman. Inexplicably Silverman offered the duo a contract to host a summer replacement variety show for the network. Teamed with comedian Jeff Altman, the show "Pink Lady and Jeff" was fascinating in the same way a nasty traffic accident captures your attention. Cancelled within a month (a decision perhaps having something to do with the fact neither could speak English, nor display a semblance of talent), the duo returned to Japan. They briefly resumed their singing careers, enjoying several modest hits, but by 1981 they'd formally called it quits.

Naturally, there are a slew of websites devoted to the duo (most naturally in Japan).  Here's one established by a devoted American fan:



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