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- Andy Ellison -- lead vocals (1977-78)

- Martin Gordon -- bass, keyboards, vocals (1977-78)

- Ian Macleod -- guitar (1977-78)

- Steve Parry -- drums, percussion (1977-78)

- Trevor White -- (1977-78)



- Jet (Andy Ellison and Trevor White)

- John's Children (Andy Ellison)

- Sparks (Martin Gordon and Trevor White)





Genre: rock

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Songs for Swinging Lovers

Company: Chiswick

Catalog: WIK 5

Year: 1977

Country/State: UK

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: minor ring and edge wear; sticker on front cover

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5074

Price: $9.00


Though completely unknown in the States, these guys had a pretty interesting pedigree - singer Andy Ellison had been a member of Tomorrow's Children and Jet while bassist/keyboard player Martin Gordon's credits included a stint with the ever goofy Sparks (it shows).  Rounding out the line up with guitarist Steve Macleod and drummer Steve Parry the band found a backer in Chiswick Records, debuting with a pair of impressive singles:


- 'Dirty Pictures' b/w 'Sail Away' (Chiswick catalog number S9)



- 'No Russians In Russia' b/w '' (Chiswick catalog number M 50986)


Rounded out by the songs 'Box 29', 'Johnny Mekon' and 'Sorry I'm Tied Up' the previous 'A" side was subsequently repackaged in the four track "Stop It" EP.




Produced by Gordon, the band made their album debut with 1977's "Songs for Swinging Lovers".  Released in the midst of punk's English heyday, it was only natural that the set would reflect a distinctive punk influence, though Ellison's background added a clear pop/rock edge to their sound, while Gordon's Sparks connection resulted in some of the year's odder lyrics. The title of 'Arthur's Is Dead and Boring (Let's Rot)' speaks for itself.  'Macaroni 'n' Mice' seemed to be a xenophobic jab at ethnic restaurants, while the martial paced 'The Beast of Barnsley' found the band trashed by newspapers when the wife of an infamous UK serial killer complained she could not longer go into bars for fear the song would be playing on a jukebox and incite the crowd to hurt her.  While it may not have sounded particularly attractive, the results were actually quite enjoyable.  Having a warped sense of humor (besides the title artwork check out the closing ditty 'Buy Chiswick Records') certainly helped their cause, as did being able to actually play their own instruments, as did not suffering from self delusional visions of importance, or wanting to be seen a spokesmen for a generation.  Elsewhere, pulled from the LP the single 'Nervous Wreck' b/w 'Horrible Breath' (Chiswick catalog number NS 23) provided them with a UK hit.  The single was also released in 12" format under catalog number NST23.



"Songs for Swinging Lovers" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Good Personality   (Martin Gordon) - 

2.) Is It Really Necessary  (Andy Ellison) - 

3.) The Beast of Barnsley   (Martin Gordon) - 

4.) Nervous Wreck   (Martin Gordon) - 

5.) Nothing Happened Today   (Martin Gordon - Andy Ellison) - 

6.) Eric   (Martin Gordon) - 

(side 2)
1.) Don't Waste My Time   (Martin Gordon) - 

2.) Arthur's Is Dead and Boring (Let's Rot)   (Martin Gordon) - 

3.) Macaroni 'n' Mice   (Martin Gordon - Andy Ellison) - 

4.) Nice Girls   (Martin Gordon) - 

5.) Talking 'Bout You   (Chuck Berry) - 

6.) Buy Chiswick Records   (Martin Gordon) - 





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