Raye, Jerry and Fenwcyk

Band members               Related acts

- Keith Knighter -- drums, percussion (1963-67)

- Pat Maroshek -- bass (1963-67)

- Jerry Raye -- vocals (1967)

- Pat Robinson -- guitar (1963-67)



- Back Pocket (Pat Robinson)

- Cry (Pat Robinson)

- Fenwyck 

- Hard Choir (Pat Robinson)

- The Mystery Brothers (Pat Robinson)

- Cal Raye (solo efforts)

- Jerry Raye (solo efforts)

- Jerry Raye and the New Trend

- Pat Robinson (solo efforts)

- Stagger Patrick (Pat Robinson)




Genre: psych

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  The Many Sides Of Jerry Raye Featuring Fenwyck

Company: Deville

Catalog: DV-LP-101

Year: 1967

Country/State: Bristol, Rhode Island and Arcadia, California

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: red vinyl, still in loose shrink wrap

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4877

Price: $200.00



'MIndrocker', ''Mindrocker', ' Mindrock' ...  that's what most folks remember this band for (and they didn't even write it).  


To be honest, the group's bio is kind of a mess so let me see it I can make some sort of sense out of it.


Under his own name Rhode Island born singer Jerry Raye recorded at least one obscure mid-1960s single.  Relocating to Southern California Raye was signed by the small Runay label.  Credited to 'Cal Raye' he released a wonderful 1966 fuzz rock single 'I Cry' b/w 'Can I' (Runay catalog number RY-101).  Subsequently signed by the Hollywood-based DeVIlle label he recorded a series of three singles credited to 'Jerry Raye and the New Trend'.    


Featuring a line up consisting of drummer Keith Knighter, bassist Pat Maroshek and singer/lead guitarist Pat Robinson, the band Fenwcyk formed in 1963.  An audition for Joe Johnson's Challenge Records won them a recording contract.  A series of recording sessions resulted in the their debut single 'Mindrocker' b/w 'I'm Spinning' (Challenge catalog number 59369).  The band recorded a second instantly obscure single 'Iye' b/w 'I Wanna Die' for the Progressive Sounds of America label (catalog number ??).


I'd love to know the circumstance that brought the two entities together, but for whatever reasons 1967 saw DeVille Records release the stylistically bizarre "The Many Sides of Jerry Raye, Featuring Fenwyck".   In what was an apparently attempt to hype Raye's 'hip' credentials to the AM radio crowd the album showcased a mixture of rock oriented numbers and rather MOR commercial material.  The classic 'Mindrocker' and Robinson penned tracks such as 'State of Mind' and 'I Wanna Die' had previously been recorded by Fenwyck, but were represented on the album by re-recorded versions with Raye replacing Robinson's original vocals.  To his credit Raye had a decent if slightly loungey voice, but since they were uniformly impressive it didn't really matter on rock and folk rock numbers such as 'Away', 'Iye' and the previously released 'I Cry'.  Similarly, Association-styled sunshine pop numbers like 'I'm Spinning' and 'I Wanna Die' were worth hearing.  Unfortunately when Raye was allowed to switch into pop crooner mode the results rapidly went downhill. Surrounded by dated, almost 1950s-styled MOR pop arrangements such as 'You're My Lovin' Baby', 'The Devil Is a Woman (You Tell Such Lovely Lies) and 'Can I Be the Guy' Raye's performances quickly became anonymous and forgettable.  Elsewhere DeVille pulled a series of three singles from the album:


- 1967's 'Mindrocker' b/w 'I'm Spinning' (DeVille catalog number 206) (some copies were pressed on blue vinyl)

- 1967's 'State of Mind' b/w 'Away' (DeVille catalog number 207) (some copies were pressed on purple vinyl)

- 1967's 'I Wanna Die' b/w 'Iye' (DeVille catalog number 208)


(Note, the album's been bootlegged at least a couple of times.  Original copies sported a purple and white cover and clear red vinyl.)


"The Many Sides Of Jerry Raye Featuring Fenwyck" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Mindrocker   (Keith Colley - Linda Colley) - 2:57

2.) State of Mind   (Pat Robinson) - 2:59

3.) Away   (Pat Robinson) - 2:35

4.) I'm Spinning   (Pat Robinson) - 2:00

5.) I Wanna Die   (Pat Robinson) - 2:49

6.) Iye   (Pat Robinson) - 1:59


(side 2)
1.) You're My Lovin' Baby   (Van McCoy) - 2:34

2.) The Devil Is a Woman (You Tell Such Lovely Lies)   (Tom Davashe - Mike Glaser) - 2:55

3.) I Cry   (Amando Velegas) - 2:18

4.) Can I Be the Guy   (Jack Mann - Fred Darian) - 2:58

5.) Mr. Kicks   (Oscar Brown) - 3:28

6.) Pray for Me   (Pete Apadaca) - 2:57


Following the album's release Robinson folded Fenwyck, reappearing with Maroshek as a member of Back Pocket.  Robinson also enjoyed considerable success as a produced (working with the late Gene Clark in the band Cry) and as a songwriter placing material with a broad array of acts ranging from the late Laura Branigan to soul legend Percy Sledge ('You Got Away with Love').  


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