Ray, Don

Band members               Related acts

- Cerrone -- keyboards, synthesizers, drums

- M. Chantreau -- percussion

- Ray Cooper -- percussion

- L. Dixon -- keyboards

- Mo Foster -- bass

- Larry Juber -- guitar

- Rob King -- lead vocals

- Slim Pezin -- guitar

- Don Ray -- keyboards, synthesizers

- L. Rich -- lead vocals

- F. Ricotti -- percussion

- G. Roddi  -- keyboards, synthesizers



- Love and Kisses





Genre: disco

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  The Garden of Love

Company: Polydor

Catalog: PD-1-6150

Year: 1978

Country/State: UK

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: minor ring and edge wear

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5066

Price: $9.00


Don Ray was actually best known for his work with disco kingpin Alec Costandinos.  He served as an arranger for much of Costandinos' catalog, as well as a member of Costandinos' band Love and Kisses.  In 1977 he stepped away for a solo effort, turning in an album that was particularly original, but still managed to prove surprisingly enjoyable. Interestingly while "The Garden of Love" was credited to Ray, for all intents and purposes it might as well have been considered a Cerrone release.  All six tracks were co-written and produced by Cerrone and the man also played synthesizers and drums throughout the LP.  Musically these six extended tracks offered up rather pedestrian Euro-disco similar to the fodder groups like Heat Wave or Silver Convention were churning out (in fact 'Body and Soul' could easily have been mistaken for a Silver Convention song).  Tracks like 'Midnight Madness' and 'My Desire' basically found a groove and then pounded it into submission over a six or seven minute period.  Still, Ray and Cerrone managed to churn out at least a couple of decent melodies with 'Got To Have Loving' and 'Standing In the Rain' generating considerable airplay.   (Always wondered what Lene Lovich brought to the sessions since Ray gave her a personal shout out on the liner notes.)


Polydor also tapped the album for a couple of US singles:


- 'Got To Have Loving' b/w 'My Desire' (Polydor catalog number PD 14489)

- Body and Soul' b/w 'Standing In the Rain' (polydor catalog number 14548)


"In the Garden of Love" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Got To Have Loving   (Don Ray - Cerrone) - 

2.) Body and Soul   (Don Ray - Cerrone) - 

3.) Midnight Madness   (Don Ray - Cerrone) - 

(side 2)
1.) Standing In the Rain   (Don Ray - Cerrone) - 

2.) Garden of Love   (Don Ray - Cerrone) - 

3.) My Desire   (Don Ray - Cerrone) - 





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