Reivers, The

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- John Croslin -- vocals, guitar (1985-91)

- Kim Longacre -- vocals, guitar (1985-91)

- Cindy Toth -- bass, violin (1985-91)

- Garrett Williams -- drums, percussion (1985-91)



- The Fire Marshals of Bethlehem (John Croslin)

- Zeitgeist





Genre: rock

Rating: **** (4 stars)

Title:  End of the Day

Company: Capitol

Catalog: C1-90119

Year: 1989

Country/State: Austin, Texas

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: minor ring wear; original inner sleeve

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4887

Price: $9.00



Folks who think the only good '80s rock came out of Athens, Georgia obviously haven't heard the Austin, Texas based The Reivers (in case you were wondering they took the name in honor of William Faulkner novel).


As Zeitgeist the quartet of  singer/guitarists John Croslin and Kim Longacre, bassist Cindy Toth and drummer Garrett Williams released a nifty 1985 album ("Translate Slowly") that sold next to nothing, but managed to get them slapped with an injunction by a Minnesota-based band that was using the same name.


Splitting production duties between Croslin and Andy Metcalfe, 1985's "End of the Day" was the group's most assured and consistent release.  With Croslin again responsible for the bulk of material, the album showcased the group's appealing blend of radio friendly power pop and quirkiness - imagine early REM hanging out with 10,000 Maniacs and you'll get a feel for the overarching sound. Sure some of the group's earlier folk-rock moves were absent, but boasting killer melodies and some great vocal harmonies between Croslin and Longacre virtually any one of the twelve tracks would have sounded good on the radio.  Among the highlights were the shimmering ''Star Telegraph, an amazing remake of the old show tune 'Lazy Afternoon' (I was dumbfounded to discover it was the same song), the rocker 'Cut Above' and the beautiful ballad 'He Will settle It' (how can you dislike a song that includes a lyric 'I drink beer?).  A lost slice of classic pop ...  buy it.


Don't ask why, but Capitol elected to release 'It's About Time' as a 12" single (Capitol catalog number SPRO-79502).


"End of the Day" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) It's About Time  (John Croslin) - 

2.) Star Telegraph  (John Croslin) - 

3.) Lazy Afternoon   (LaTouche - Moross) - 

4.) He Will Settle It  (John Croslin) - 

5.) Cut Above  (John Croslin) - 

6.) Discontent of Winter  (John Croslin - K. Longacre) - 


(side 2)
1.) Almost Home  (John Croslin) - 

2.) Truth To Tell  (John Croslin) - 

3.) Inside Out  (John Croslin) - 

4.) Dude Hey Man  (John Croslin) - 

5.) Your Secrets Are Not Safe  (John Croslin) - 

6.) End of the Day  (John Croslin) - 

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