Band members               Related acts

- Peter Barron -- drums, percussion (replaced 

  Terrence Sullivan) (1980-83)

- Jon Camp -- bass, guitar, backing vocals (replaced 

  Neil Korner) 1971-84)

- Louis Cennamo -- bass (1969-70)

- Binky Cullom -- vocals (replaced Jane Relf) (1970)

- Terry Crowe -- vocals (1970)

- Michael Dunford -- guitar (replaced Keith Relf) (1970-87)

- Peter Gosling -- keyboards (replaced John Tout)


- Gavin Harrison -- drums (replaced Peter Barron) (1983-)

- Annie Haslam -- vocals (replaced Binky Cullom)


- Rob Hendry -- lead guitar (replaced Mick Parsons)


- John Hawkens -- keyboards (1969-70)

- Neil Korner -- bass (replaced Louis Cennamo) (1970-71)

- Mark Lampariello -- bass (replaced Jon Camp) (1985-87)

- Jim McCarty -- drums, percussion (1969-70)

- Mick Parsons (RIP 1972) -- lead guitar (1972)

- Jane Relf -- vocals (1969-70)

- Keith Relf -- lead guitar , vocals (1969-71)

- Raphael Rudd - keyboards (replaced Peter Gosling)


- Terry Slade -- drums (replaced Jim McCarty) (1970-71)

- Terrence Sullivan -- drums, percussion, backing vocals

  (replaced Terry Slade) (1971-80)

- Mick Taylor -- (1983-)

- John Tout -- keyboards, backing vocals 

  (replaced John Hawkens) (1970-80)




- Armageddon (Keith Relf, Louis Cennamo and 

  Jim McCarty)

- Axis (Louis Cennamo)

- Box of Frogs (Jim McCarty)

- Cathedral (Jon Camp)

- Colloseum (Louis Cennamo)

- Annie Haslam (solo efforts)

- Helicopters (Jon Camp)

- Illusion (Keith and Jane Relf)

- McCarty-Hite Project

- Jim McCarty Band

- The Nashville Teens (John Hawkens)

- Nevada (Michael Dunford and Annie Haslam) 

- The Plebs (Michael Dunford)

- Jane Relf (solo efforts)

- Keith Relf (solo efforts)

- Ruperts People (John Tout)

- Shoot (Jim McCarty)

- The Sparks (J0hn Hawkens)

- Spooky Tooth (John Hawkens)

- Stairway (Jim McCarty)

- Steamhammer (Louis Cennamo)

- Together (Keith Relf and Jim MCCarty)

- The Yardbirds (Jim McCarty and Keith Relf)





Genre: progressive

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Ashes are Burning

Company: Capitol/Sovereign

Catalog: ST-11216

Year: 1973

Country/State: Surrey, UK

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: original inner lyric sleeve

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5190

Price: $8.00


Exemplified by 1973's "Ashes are Burning", Renaissance could be an acquired taste.  With Renaissance (mark II) having acclimated themselves to one another, the collection displayed signs of greatness, as well as early indications of the musical megalomania that would sink latter day releases.  Co-produced by the band and Dick Plant, the album stood as the band's most focused and coherent release.  Largely penned by guitarist Michael Dunford (who took an active role in the recording sessions though he wasn't creditted) and lyricist/poet Betty Thatcher songs like 'Can You Understand' and 'Carpet of the Sun' showcased the group's ongoing efforts to meld classical, folk and world music influences. This time out those efforts were wrapped in some intricate orchestration, though the arrangements tended to showcase Dunford's material and Haslam's voice rather than merely bury her and clutter the sound.  On the surface that description probably didn't seem like a particularly intriguing meld, but powered by Annie Haslam's voice (also an acquired taste) and some of the group's strongest melodies ('Let It Grow'), it actually worked.  Ironically, the strongest effort 'On the Frontier' was actually a cover of a song Jim McCarty had previously written for the short-lived band Shoot.  Another surprise came in the form of Jon Camp's tasty bass which served as a lead instrument on several tracks.  Yeah, it's doubtful the extended, classically-influenced epics like 'Can You Understand' and 'Ashes Are Burning' would get most of you up on the dance floor, but it made for a dandy Sunday morning LP.  Capitol even tapped the album for a US single in the form of 'Carpet of the Sun' b/w 'Bound For Infinity' (Capitol/Sovereign catalog number 3715) and while it was hardly a breakthrough collection, the set actually hit the US top-200 charts, peaking at # 171.


Minor footnote that few people will care about, but the UK release actually sported a slightly different cover photo. Clearly taken at the same time, it sports a photo that's less dour than the US release - note Haslam actually sports a smile.


cover of UK pressing


"Ashes Are Burning" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Can You Understand   (Michael Dunford - Betty Thatcher) - 

2.) Let It Grow   (Michael Dunford - Betty Thatcher) - 

3.) On the Frontier   (Jim McCarty - Betty Thatcher) - 


(side 2)
1.) Carpet of the Sun   (Michael Dunford - Betty Thatcher) - 

2.) At the Harbour   (Michael Dunford - Betty Thatcher) - 

3.) Ashes Are Burning   (Michael Dunford - Betty Thatcher) - 


There are a number of Renaissance-related websites.  The best one I've found is located at:


There's also quite a bit of Renaissance material to be found on YouTube and other sites.  Here's a link to a clip of the band performing 'Carpet of the Sun' on the Midnight Special television show:


The quality of this uncredited clip is mediocre at best, but here's one of the band doing 'Can You Understand'





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