Ro-d-ys, The

Band members                   Related acts

- Dick Beekman -- drums, percussion (replaced 

  Berend Groen) (1967)

- Berend Groen -- drums, guitar (1966-67)

- Annet Hesterman -- vocals (1969)

- Joop Hulzebos -- keyboards (1966-69)

- Wigger Kenter -- bass (1966-69)

- Harry Rijnbergen -- vocals, guitar (1966-9)

- Wim van Meegen -- drums, percussion (replaced 

  Dick Beekman (1967-69)



- Cuby and the Blizzards (Dick Beekman)

- Harley Jay (Harry Rijnbergen)

- Annet Hesterman (solo efforts)

- Just Me (Wim van Meegen)

- Rocking Strings (Dick Beekman)

- Sacha and Paul (Annet Hesterman)

- Zen (Ben Groen and Harry Rijnbergen)





Genre: rock

Rating: 4 stars ****

Title:  Just Fancy

Company: Philips

Catalog: XPY 855 034

Year: 1967

Country/State: Oede Pekela, Holland

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: Dutch pressing; name in ink on back cover; minor edge wear

Available: SOLD

GEMM catalog ID: SOLD

Price: SOLD



This short-lived Dutch band remains totally unknown to American audiences.  That's unfortunate since their two LPs and a handful of singles are all pretty entertaining.


Drummer Berend Groe, keyboardist Joop Hulzebos, bassist Wigger Kenter, and singer Harry Rijnbergen started their professional careers as members of The Popular Pipers Boys Band.  Opting for a somewhat cooler nametag, the group started playing as The Rodijs (think Rowdies), but quickly discovered they were being confused with a host of similarly named outfits.  That led to another name change - in this case the somewhat clumsy The Ro-d-ys.



Signed by Philips, the group made their debut with the 1966 single 'You'd Better Take Care of Yourself' b/w 'Wheels Wheels Wheels (Philips catalog number JF 333645).  



While the debut didn't chart, Philips executives agreed to release a sophomore 45 which did hit the Dutch charts: 1967's 'Take Her Home' b/w 'Only One Week' (Philips catalog number JF 333830).



On the heels of their commercial breakthrough Philips green-lighted an album.  The result was 1967's Hans van Hemert produced "Just Fancy".  Frequently described as being a beat effort, that's only partial correct.  Written by Rijnbergen, tracks like 'Hitch Hiking and 'My Woman Has Get Loose' were clearly beat influenced, but elsewhere songsl like 'Bad Babe' and 'Waiting For a Cloud Burst' showcased an attractive grungy garage sound, while the title track, 'Gods of Evil' (sporting a distinctive Procol Harum influence), and 'Destination' found the band exploring a more psych-oriented sound. In terms of performances As lead singer Rijnbergen had an engaging voice with a very light accent (you'd be hard pressed to identify the band as being Dutch), though the band's English lyrics were occasionally a little garbled ... 'just like a cow you're a hitch hiking baby'.  Highlights abounded, but personal favorites included 'the rocker 'Just Go On' and the closer 'Wrong Shoe'.  Thoroughly enjoyable and easily as good as many of their better known English competitors, this one's worth grabbing if you can find it. Elsewhere Philips tapped the album for a pair of singles:


- 1967's 'Just Fancy' b/w 'Gods of Evil' (Philips catalog number JF 333855)


- 1967's 'Nothing To Change a Mind' b/w 'Stop Looking On a Deadlock' (Philips catalog number JF 333885



"Just Fancy" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Just Fancy   (Harry Rijnbergen) - 
2.) Hitch Hiking   ( Harry
Rijnbergen) - 
3.) Bad Babe   ( Harry
Rijnbergen) - 
4.) Gods of Evil   ( Harry
Rijnbergen) - 
5.) My Woman Has Get Loose   ( Harry
Rijnbergen) - 
6.) Waiting For a Cloud Burst   ( Harry
Rijnbergen) - 

(side 2)
When You Hear This Song   ( Harry Rijnbergen) - 
2.) Just Go On   ( Harry
Rijnbergen) - 
3.) Destination   ( Harry
Rijnbergen) - 
4.) I Still Got You   ( Harry
Rijnbergen) - 
5.) Letīs Try   ( Harry
Rijnbergen) - 
6.) Wrong Shoe   ( Harry
Rijnbergen) - 


While it won't do you much good unless you read Dutch, for anyone interested, there's a nice Ro-d-ys website located at: