Roe, Marlys

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Genre: country

Rating: 1 star *

Title:  All the Way

Company: Dellwood

Catalog: DLD 56002
Year: 1977

Country/State: Brookings, South Dakota

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: cut lower right corner

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5744

Price: $25.00


This is one of those albums I bought for the label (taxscam Dellwood), not knowing squat about namesake Marlys Roe.  I should have done a little research beforehand since I would have known that Roe was a country singer.  Nothing wrong with that, but country isn't my area of interest so I would have saved my self a couple of bucks.



I'm guessing that material for 1977's cleverly-titled "Marlys Roe" dated back to her 1973 sessions with producer Neil Wiburn for the small Nashville GRC label., or some early 1970s sessions she recorded in Los Angeles.  In all likelihood Roe wasn't even aware the album was releases.  Anyhow, since I don't know anything about country music, I'll limit my comments to the fact Roe had a nice voice, though it struck me as being wasted on these ten conventional country tunes.


"All the Way" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) I'm Gonna Give Myself Away   (Toni Dale - Bobbi Cole) - 2:30

2.) Love Can Be a Tearful Game   (Bobby Bond) - 2:52

3.) All the Way   (Mitch Johnson) - 2:13

4.) Settun' for the Second Best   (Mitch Johnson - Dude McLean) - 3a;20

5.) Let's Not Call It Love   (Tom McKeon) - 2:20


(side 2)
1.) He Ain't the One To Chose   (Kim Morrison) - 4:30

2.) Take Me Along   (Bobby Bond) - 2:35

3.) Sweet Thang   (Rafe VanHoy - Dave Shipley) - 2:16

4.) More Than Magic   (Don Cook) - 2:32

5.) Sand Castle Dreams   (Don Cook) - 2:16



Roe's recording career actually stretched back to the mid-1960s when she fronted the South Dakota-based Marlys and the Talismen.  The band were apparently quite popular throughout the midwest, recording a couple of more rock and soul oriented singles for ABC: 


- 1966's 'Happiness In My Heart' b/w '' (ABC catalog number )

- 1966's 'Whole Lot of Happiness' b/w 'Missing Parts (of My Heart and Soul)' (ABC catalog number 45-11062)


The singles did little commercially and by the early 1970s Roe was married to drummer Jerry Kroon and living in Nashsville.


In 1973  Roe signed with the Nashville GRC label, briefly resumed her career as a solo act:


- 1973's 'Carry Me Back' b/w 'Somebody In Your Eyes' (GRC catalog number GRC-1002)

- 1973's 'I Can't Stand To Hear You Say Goodbye' b/w 'Loving Him Was Easier Than Anything' (GRC catalog number GRC-2025)


She subsequently slipped into the role of mother, having a pair of children with drummer Kroon.  Kind of an amazing story in this day and age, but the pair are still together.