Joe Rosanova and the Vineyard

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  line up 1 (1968)

- Bart Fiori - vocals, guitar 

- Joe Rosanova - drums, percussion

- Mark Torpey - bass

- Don Vitalle - keyboards 


- The Jagged Edge (Mark Torpey)




Genre: pop

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  In Dedication To the Ones We Love

Company: Astro Sonic

Catalog: D-AP-4000

Year: 1968

Country/State: US

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: small cut out hole to right corner; heavy sleeve

Available: 2

Catalog ID: 4235

Price: $150.00

Cost: $53.15


To be honest, this one caught my attention at a yard sale solely to the fact I recalled seeing a picture of the low-tech cover in one of Hans Pokora's Record Collector's Dreams books.  


As an aside, I often play a little game where before listening to an album I rate it on a scale of zero to five stars.  This one started out with two stars, but ended up with three.   That said, there's precious little biographical information to be found on this outfit.  At least a couple of references indicate these guys were from Nashville (probably based on the fact it was distributed by a Nashville-based label), but that's doubtful given their sound (and the Italian surnames).  At least that point in time they recorded this album, the line up consisted of namesake drummer Joe Rosovano, singer/guitarist Bart Fiori, bassist Mark Torpey and keyboardist Don Vitalle (the last three presumably constituting 'The Vintage').  


Given that it was distributed by Starday Records (known as a pay and press label), their sole release, 1968's "In Dedication of Those We Love" appears to have been a vanity project.  Co-produced by Bob Marsano, Ron Lenhoff and Michael Stone, the album featured eleven original tracks.  Largely penned by Fiori and Rosanova, the results were certainly diverse.  The opener left you with the impression this was going to be a Christian rock outing.  Thankfully that proved a red herring with most of the album bouncing between lounge act moves ('Vicki' and 'Somehow, Someway, Someday''), decent pop ('the title track and 'Now That I've Lost You'), more rock-oriented numbers ('Mother's Brother's') and an odd nod at psych (the killer 'Dreams of You' was alone worth the admission price).  As lead singer Fiori was quite good, particularly when he toughened up his delivery ('In Every Way'), where his growl recalled Rare Earth's singer (Pete Rivera?).  To be honest, had the set been a little more focused with a couple more psych and rock numbers, this would have been a major, high priced collectable (not that it's cheap now).

"In Dedication To the Ones We Love" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Lord What's Your Plan   (Joe Rosanova - Bart Fiori) - 2:15

Overlooking the flat production, 'Lord What's Your Plan' wasn't a half bad slice of pop-meets-Gospel rock.  Bart Fiori's gravelly voice sounded quite impressive on this one and I always loved Don Vitalle's cheesy, mid-song organ solo.  rating: *** stars

2.) Vicki   (Joe Rosanova) - 2:35

Clearly meant as one of the album's more conventional tracks, 'Vicki' found the band diving headlong into lounge act pop.   Pretty insipid.   rating: ** stars

3.) Now That I've Lost You   (Bart Fiori) - 3:25

It started out as a moody, slightly lysergic-tinged ballad and one of the album highlights, but went very mainstream pop on the chorus.   rating: *** stars

4.) Somehow, Someway, Someday   (Bart Fiori) - 3:13

Loiunge act pop tune that could have served as the soundtrack for air freshener.  Deadly MOR vibes with Fiori opting to croon his way through the song.   rating: ** stars

5.) In Every Way   (Joe Rosanova - Bart Fiori) - 3:40

Propelled by Rosanova's frenetic drumming, and some innovative Mark Torpey  bass moves, the rocker 'In Every Way' was easily one of the best tunes on the album.  Highly comercial with a nice garage-pop edge.    rating" **** stars


(side 2)

1.) Dreams of You   (Joe Rosanova - Bart Fiori) - 3:55

Say what you will about these guys, but the were one of the few outfits out there capable of effortlessly navigating between genres as diverse as lounge act and the Cream-styled psych rocker 'Dreams of You'.   With a vocal that sounded like Jack Bruce and some killer Bart Fiori lead guitar, this was the album's standout performance.  rating: **** stars

2.) Since You've Been Away   (Joe Rosanova - Bart Fiori) - 2:15

Slightly MOR-ish pop tune that would have put them in the running with acts like late inning Paul Revere and the Raiders.    rating: *** stars

3.) Mother's Brother's   (Joe Rosanova - Bart Fiori) - 2:45

For a group that did hard rock so well, you had to wonder why they didn't do more stuff like 'Mother's Brother's' ?    Another wonderful performance from Fiori ..    ratng: **** stars

4.) Promise Her Anything But Love   (Joe Rosanova - Bart Fiori) - 3:16

Hysterically bad lounge act ballad ....   remember the lounge act singer Bill Murray used to play on Saturday Night Live ?   Nick The Lounge Singer ...   Exactly what you've got here except for the fact this was serious.   rating: * star

5.) Blue Is My World   (Joe Rosanova) - 3:25

More lounge act with a touch of blue-eyed soul feel added for effect.  Didn't really make it any more listenable.   rating: ** stars

6.) In Dedication To the One's We Love   (Joe Rosanova - Bart Fiori) - 2:45

Early '60s beat meets the Free Design ?   Not sure how to describe the title track.  Definitely different.   rating: *** stars


While looking for a jpg image of the LP, I stumbled on this little item from a former Vineyard bass player (I'll leave the person's name off of the quote):  


"Joe Rosanova - that dirtbag - still owes me one year's withholding tax which he withheld - PERMANENTLY. He was a real trip. He had polio as a child and it left him somewhat crippled although you really couldn't tell. He was the band leader and also the drummer. When he would have a bad day and his legs hurt he would yell furiously at the bass player - blaming him (me at that time) for the "feel" not being there ( I've got his feel - right hear!!!!) It was driving me nuts. And then there was his gun..."