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- St. Steven (aka Steve Cataldo) - vocals, guitar (1969-71) 



- Front Page Review (Steve Cataldo)
- Nervous Eaters (Steve Cataldo)
- Ultimate Spinach (Steve Cataldo)





Genre: psych

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Over the Hills

Company: Probe

Catalog: CPLP-4506

Year: 1969

Country/State: Boston, Massachusetts

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: Canadian non-gatefold pressing

Available: SOLD

GEMM catalog ID: SOLD

Price: SOLD

Cost: $66.00


Not to be confused with the Ohio-based One St. Steven, this Boston, Massachusetts-based outfit is one of those mystery acts nobody seems to know all that much about.  While some references refer to it as a band, it was apparently a one-man act led by former Front Page Review and late-inning Ultimate Spinach alumnus Steve Cataldo.  Regardless, of his background, St. Steven managed to release one intriguing album on ABC's Probe subsidiary. 

Confusingly, even though the album title credits 'Saint Steven, the 13 tracks are credited to 'St. Steven'.  Even Probe Records seemed confused since the single 'Ay-Aye-Poe-Day' b/w 'Louisiana Home' (Probe catalog number 465) was credited to St. Steven.  While we're not sure what the right name is, 1969's John Turner produced "Over the Hills" is certainly worth hearing. Musically the set offers up a bizarre mix of commercial folk-rock ('Grey Skies'), pseudo-psych moves ('Bastich 1'), hard rock ('Poor Small') and sound effects ('Voyage To Cleveland'). In spite of it's lack of focus, Cataldo was a more than decent singer and capable of writing attractive and quite commercial material.

"Over the Hills" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Over the Hills (St. Steven) - 0:40
2.) Animal Hall (St. Steven) - 2:50
3.) Gladacadova (St. Steven) - 2:12
4.) Poor Small (St. Steven) - 2:41
5.) Ay-Aye-Poe-Day (St. Steven) - 3:25
6.) Grey Skies (St. Steven) - 2:51
7.) Over the Hills (St. Steven) - 1:00


(side 2)
1.) Bastich 1 (St. Steven) - 2:30
2.) Voyage To Cleveland (St. Steven) - 2:50
3.) Sun In the Flame (St. Steven) - 2:30
4.) Bright Lights (St. Steven) - 1:00
5.) Louisiana Home (St. Steven) - 2:51
6.) Bastich II (St. Steven) - 1:05

In the ensuing years the album's been reissued several times, including the European TRC and BOD labels. 

In the mid-'70s Cataldo reappeared as a member of The Nervous Eaters (see separate ent


These recordings are the work of a Steve Cataldo (ex-Front Page Review) and the album certainly is rather interesting and highly-rated by many. The U.K. See For Miles reissue label tried to buy the rights to this album but MCA deny all knowledge of the tapes!

The two sides of the album are titled "The Bastich" and "Over The Hills", which is why the latter is often referred to as the title in dealers' lists. The bonus cuts erroneously added to the reissue of the One St. Stephen album are actually by Steve Cataldo's previous outfit Front Page Review.

Ambitious and eclectic Boss-Town sound that's received some hype recently though I can't say I'm too impressed with it. Fuzzed hippierock mixed with folkie bits and interesting lyrics but nowhere as drugged and great as Ultimate Spinach or the first Beacon St Union. May appeal more to fans of early UK/Euro artrock and prog. Earlier recordings as the Frontpage Review have been made available. A Canadian original pressing exists without gatefold. See also comment for One St Stephen.

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