Savage Resurrection

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- Randy Hammon -- lead guitar (1966-68)
- Bill Harper -- vocals (1966-68)
- Steve Lage (RIP 2010) -- bass (1966-68)
- Jeff Myer -- drums, percussion (1966-68)
- John Palmer -- lead guitar (1966-68)



- none known




Genre: psych

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Savage Resurrection

Company: Mercury

Catalog: SR 61156

Year: 1968

Country/State: San Francisco, California

Grade (cover/record): VG+ / VG+

Comments: minor ring, edge and corner wear

Available: SOLD

Catalog ID: SOLD

Price: SOLD $100.00

Cost: $66.00


Okay, how many of you knew these guys were from San Francisco?  I sure didn't ... maybe because their album had such a raw and heavy sound, for some reason I always associated them with the East Coast ...

Living in the Northern San Francisco community of Richmond, lead guitarist Randy Hammon, vocalist Bill Harper, bassist Steve Lage, drummer Jeff Myer and second lead guitarist John Palmer came together in 1966. Prior to their collaboration under the nameplate The Savage Resurrection all five had played in local bands such as The Boys, Button Willow, The Plague and Whatever's Right. Still in their teens, the band began playing local dances and battle of the bands events. A second place win at such an event won them a mentor in the form of producer/manager/A&R man Abe Kesh. Having enjoyed earlier successes with Blue Cheer and guitarist Harvey Mandel, Kesh used his connections to sign the band to Mercury. 

Produced by Kesh, 1968's "Savage Resurrection" was reportedly recorded over a 72 hour period (explaining much of the collection's raw, no-frills attack). With Hammon, Harper and Palmer each contributing material, musically the collection was all over the spectrum. While Harper had a decent voice, the most notable characteristic was undoubtedly Hammon and Palmer's twin lead guitars (Hammon's usually heard on the left channel, Palmer on the right). Naturally, those guitars provided most of the highlights, including the faux-Hendrix rocker "Talking To You", the atypically dreamy "Tahitian Melody" and the psych-out closer "Expectations". Elsewhere, the extended "Jammin'" and "Fox Is Sick" offered up less appealing slices of pedestrian blues-rock. It wasn't the year's most consistent debut, but was pretty darned impressive given the band's age and the resources made available to them. Well worth hearing and easy to understand why they have a cult following. Unfortunately, no sooner had the album been released than the band underwent a major personnel upheaval; Harper and Lage calling it quits. The survivors recruited a couple of replacements and actually managed to tour for a brief period but called it quits by the end of the year.


Mercury also tapped the album for a single in the form of:



- 1968's 'Thing In "E"' b/w 'Fox Is Sick' (Mercury catalog number 77228)

"Savage Resurrection" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Thing in "E" (John Palmer) - 3:06 
2.) Every Little Song (Randy Hammon) - 1:50 
3.) Talking to You (Bill Harper - John Palmer) - 2:45 
4.) Tahitian Melody (John Palmer) - 3:44 
5.) Jammin' (Randy Hammon - John Palmer) - 8:06 

(side 2)

1.) Fox Is Sick (John Palmer) - 2:42 
2.) Someone's Changing (Randy Hammon - John Palmer) - 2:34 
3.) Remlap's Cave, Pt. II (John Palmer) - 2:54 
4.) Appeal to the Happy (Bill Harper - John Palmer) - 4:19 
5.) Expectations (John Palmer) - 4:59

Having discovered the album had a acquired a devoted cult following, in the late-'90s Hammon managed to reacquire rights to the master tapes. With his active participation (Hammon remastered the set), the Mod Lange label reissued the collection on CD, adding previous unreleased alternate versions of "Thing in "E"" and "Tahitian Melody", as well as a cover of "River Deep-Mountain High". Bevis Frond's Nick Saloman also contributed an introduction to the liner notes. (There's also a late-'80s European bootleg out there.)


Lage died in July 2010.