People's Victory Orchestra and Chorus, The

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Genre: rock

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  The School

Company: The People's Music Works

Catalog: PMW 2-G

Year: 1972

Country/State: New York

Grade (cover/record): VG+ / VG+

Comments: includes insert and original front cover photo; no flexidisc

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4969

Price: $100.00



I have absolutely no idea who these guys were  (actually judging by the cover the line up consisted of three guys and one rather attractive woman) ...  A couple of online references indicated they may have been a New York based commune, which is somewhat supported by the fact the inner label includes    an address in Queens Village, New York.  Unfortunately the almost complete absence of liner notes doesn't shed any light on their background.  In case anyone cares, my copy of the LP includes a little sticker that reads: "These recording are brought to the Great Buying Public via underground; underground not in the sense that they are illegal or of poor quality, but in the sense that the performers must remain anonymous.  Remember! We are all stars."


Divided into a 'girls side' and 'boys side', 1972's "The School" was apparently a concept piece, though the plotline was totally lost on me.  Musically the set bounced all over the place, including several slices of Stones-styled rock ('Super Music Man', the fuzz guitar propelled 'Waiting at the Theatre' and 'Did You Ever See a Lady Act That Way').  Sporting occasional horn arrangements 'A Long Way from Home' and 'Round, Round The River' were more Americana in styling.  Elsewhere the material was more experimental with the female lead singer crossing over into Kate Bush-styled helium powered falsetto epics on 'Ballet for a Small Apartment'.  Equally weird, the fey ballad 'Ancient Words' sounded like something off of a Monkees LP (the singer baring an uncanny resemblance to Davy Jones).  I can't vouch for this, but one online reference indicated guest musicians included The Manhattan Transfer's Erin Dickens,  Melissa Manchester and ex-Rhinoceros singer/keyboard player Alan Gerber.  All told mildly entertaining, though doubtful it'll change your life one way or the other. 


"The School" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Super Music Man - 3:15

2.) Songbird of the South - 5:15

3.) Ballet for a Small Apartment - 6:52

4.) Waiting at the Theatre - 4:07

5.) Children's Anthem/Let Us Sing A Love Song - 5:10

(side 2)
1.) Did You Ever See a Lady Act That Way - 4:10

2.) A Long Way from Home - 3:40

3.) Ancient Words - 3:46

4.) Black Crow Country - 3:20

5.) Round, Round The River - 4:42




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