Slickee Boys, The

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- John Chumbris - bass, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals

- Martha Hull - vocals 

- Kim Kane - rhythm guitar, backing vocals

- Marshalll Keith - lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals

- Mark Noone - lead vocals, guitar (replaced Martha Hull)

- Dan Palenski - drums, percussion, backing, vocals



- The Afrika Korps (Kim Kane)

- Date Bait (Kim Kane)

- Mark Noone (solo efforts)

- Dan Palenski (solo efforts)

- The Reind Dears (Martha Hull)

- The Wanktones 




Genre: rock

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Uh Oh ... No Breaks!

Company: Twin Tone

Catalog: TTR 8544

Year: 1985

Country/State: Virginia

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: --

Available: 1

Catalog ID: 4494

Price: $20.00



Washington D.C.'s The Slickee Boys ...  You either love 'em, or just don't have a clue.  Unfortunately, most folks fall into the latter category which probably explains why most of their recordings were for European labels and why their catalog is rather hard to find.  


Their second album for the Minneapolis based Twin Tones Records, 1985's "Uh Oh ... No Breaks"  is interesting in that it features re-recorded material gathered from the band's earlier catalog (three EPs and two albums). Apparently more than willing to take advantage of Twin Tones' deep pockets in order to polish up those earlier efforts,  the album's certainly worth hearing, if only for the fact it shows how far they've progressed from their early punkish roots.  An immensely enjoyable mix of jangle rock ('Gotta Tell Me Why'), Americana and the usual bizarre ('The Brain That Refused to Die'), this is a great place for the uninitiated to start.  Full of great melodies, buzz saw guitars and more enthusiasm than a ocean liner full of progressive wonkers, these guys have it all.  (For what it is worth, the LP is fairly rare, with the Twin Tones website claiming that 8,340 vinyl albums and 797 cassettes were sold.)


"Uh Oh ... No Break!" track listing:

(side 1)

1.) Dream Lovers   (John Chumbris - Dan Palenski - Mark Noone) - 3:48

2.) Death Lane   (D. Laboubee) - 1:58

3.) Teenage Romance   (Marshall Keith - Martha Hull - Dan Palenski) - 3:05

4.) Disconnected   (John Chumbris - Mark Noone) - 2:46

5.) Gotta Tell Me Why   (Mark Noone) - 3:58

6.) The Brain That Refused to Die    (The Slickee Boys) - 3:21


(side 2)

1.) Bad Dream   (Marshall Keith - Mark Noone) - 2:50

2.) Can't Believe    (Marshall Keith - Mark Noone) - 3:43

3.) Going All the Way   (M. Bouyea) - 2:06

4.) Glendora   (R. Stanley) - 2:01

4.) Danger Drive    (Mark Noone) - 2:24

5.) Jailbait Janet   (K. Highland - Mark Noone) - 2:13

6.)  When We Were Kids   (Mark Noone) - 3:32