Stuart, Alice (and Snake)

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- Bob Jones -- drums, percussion

- Steve Funk -- keyboards

- Karl Sevaried -- bass

- Alice Stuart -- vocals, guitar




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Genre: rock

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Believing

Company: Fantasy

Catalog: F-9412

Year: 1972

Country/State: Chelan, Washington

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: includes original lyric insert

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4954

Price: $9.00



Without getting into a lot of detail, singer/guitarist Alice Stuart is one of the forgotten pioneers in the field of female rockers.  Starting out as a folkie her initial break came when she found a mentor/supporter in the form of Barry Olivier. As the producer of the Berkeley Folk Festival, Olivier featured her in several of the early-1960s festivals.  By the late 1960s Stuart decided she wanted to be a rocker.  Her credentials include a stint in an early Mothers of Invention line up ("Freak Out") and a series of excellent, but overlooked early 1970s albums with her backing band Snake.


The first time I heard 1972's "Believing" I could have sworn that it was an Emmylou Harris set that I hadn't heard.  At least to my ears Stuart's high pitched, slightly nasal delivery is a dead ringer for Harris.  On pseudo-countryish material like Believe in Someone' the comparisons are simply uncanny.  To a large extent that comparison will probably dictate what you think about this collection.  Personally, Stuart's country and blues repertoire simply didn't do much for me.  Performances like 'Statesboro Blues' and 'Golden Rocket' were dedicated and professional and they just didn't do much for me.  Luckily Stuart's enough pop and rock catalog was quite good.  Back to the earlier comparison, but imagine Emmylou Harris cutting a rock album and you'll get a good feel for material like 'Give Me Some Sunshine', 'Thank You - Thank Me - Letís Be Free' and 'Heís Leaving Me Again'.  An album that snuck up on me and gets played every couple of months ...  


"Believing" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Believe in Someone   (Alice Stuart) - 4:42

2.) Give Me Some Sunshine   (Alice Stuart) - 2:45

3.) Karma Stands in the Way   (Alice Stuart) - 3:51

4.) Thank You - Thank Me - Letís Be Free   (Alice Stuart) - 2:53

5.) Itís Gonna Be Alright Sometime   (Alice Stuart) - 3:48

(side 2)
Donít Cry (Letís Be Friends Again)   (Alice Stuart) - 5:11

2.) Statesboro Blues   (Blind Willie McTell) - 3:32

3.) Heís Leaving Me Again   (Alice Stuart) - 5:07

4.) Doiní My Highway Stuff   (Alice Stuart) - 3:13

5.) Golden Rocket   (Hank Snow) - 3:36


After an extended break from music during which time she raised a family and went back to school, Stuart started recording again in the early 1990s.  She has an interesting website at:



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